My First Caning

When I was in my late twenties, I went into public toilets to have a pee, and found a man slightly older than me standing at one of the two urinals playing with his ****. As I stood next to him, he continued playing with his **** and then went into one of the two cubicles and closed the door. I saw that it had a hole in it so I bent down to look through it. He was standing facing me and taking off his jeans and getting his **** out and wanking himself. Then he turned around and pulled down his underpants to expose his arse. He pulled his arse cheeks apart to reveal his arsehole. Then he pulled up his underpants and jeans and came out of the cubicle. I had gone back to the urinal and he stood next to me again and asked me if I had enjoyed what I had just seen. I told him that I had.

He then invited me back to his place which was about 7 or 8 miles away, and I agreed to go with him in his car. When we got there, it was a flat and he let me in, and told me to stand in the middle of the room with my hands above my head. He went out and returned with something that I had not seen.

He told me to kneel down in front of him and kiss his thighs and crotch with his jeans still on. Then he undid his flies and told me to kiss his **** through his underpants, which I did. Then I had to kiss his bare thighs and work my way up to his crotch. He told me to smell his crotch and kiss his balls and **** with his underpants still on. Then I had to kiss up the shaft of his **** and the tip of it.

He then told me to kneel in front of a piano stool and to lie across it, and hold onto the legs on the far side of it. He removed his jeans and stood at the side of me holding a cane which he had obviously fetched while I was standing with my hands on my head like a naughtly schoolboy. He told me that he was going to give me six strokes of the cane and he proceeded to do just that. The first stroke hurt like hell, and my jeans were still on. He continued to administer the next five strokes. He then told me to kneel in front of him again.

This time I had to smell his crotch, balls and **** and then pull his underpants down and worship his **** and balls by kissing and licking him. After a while he turned round and told me to kiss and smell his arse. Then turned round again and told me to suck his **** all the way up and down it and take the end into my mouth.

Then he ordered me to bend over the stool again. He undid my jeans and pulled them down and took down my underpants. He told me that I was to get a further six strokes of the cane on my bare arse. He stood there caning me and wanking himself while he did it. It hurt like hell, but somehow I felt that I had to obey this powerful Master.

He then told me to lie on my back with my head on a pillow. He took off his underpants and knelt in front of my face and told me to suck his ****. After a couple of minutes doing this he told me to hold the end of his **** in my mouth while he wanked himself. After a while I could feel that he was about to ***, and he shot his load right down my throat and made me swallow it all. This was the very first time I had had this done to me.

He then stood up, and put his underpants back on, then turned to face my feet and knelt down so that his arse was above my face. Then he slowly brought his arse down onto my nose, noticing that my **** was stiffening all the time. He held his arse just above my nose and told me to smell it while he started to play with my ****. This really turned me on. After a while, he told me that I was now ready for his bare arse, and he raised his arse, pulled his pants down and lowered his bare arse on to my nose and ordered me to smell it. I was really turned on by now at being humiliated by him. He started to **** me, and told me to keep sniffing his arse.

After a while he could tell that I was about to ***, and he ordered me to lick his arsehole clean. I did so and almost immediately I came all over the place with a terrific ******.

He then got up and told me to clean myself up. He told me that I had to present myself in a week's time for similar treatment including a spanking, a caning, smelling and licking his arse and being wanked. I agreed to do it and thus started a long relationship with him as one of his slaves for punishment and worshipping his arse.

To be continued  




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2 Responses Oct 28, 2009

I was first wanked at the age of twelve by a boy who was 9 months older than me. He made me *** while I was smelling his arse. He turned me into an arse smelling slave. (See the account under "Want to be dominated")<br />
I was not caned until my late twenties in the episode described above.<br />
My current Master dominates me by tieing me up, forcing me to smell and lick his balls and **** and then suck him. With me kneeling down behind him, he then makes me sniff his arse. Then usually canes me, giving me 6 or 12 strokes. He sometimes pushes a ***** up my arse and ***** me with it.<br />
Sometimes he likes to **** all over me.<br />
Then I have to lie on my back while he brings his arse down onto my nose with his underpants on, and then with them off. He then wanks me and makes me lick his arse until I ***.

I liked to be caned, but none of the rest. :)