The Headmasters Study

During my days at boarding school in the early to mid sixeties, nothing instilled more terror into us schoolboys than the prospect of a visit to the Headmasters study and a caning.

The proceedings were deliberately delayed and the actual appointment would be made on the following day to the misdeed. The next day after morning chapel was normally set and you were given plenty of time to sweatnd contemplate our misdeed. Outside his study were a row of ten or more hooks on the wall and we would have to ***** down to our vests and underpants and wait. It was a very old school and we were lucky. Our contemporary's earier on in the century would have had to ***** completely naked for the birch.

We would then have to wait in our vest and pants for what seemed hours before being summons into that dark oak panelled study. Standing to attention in the centre of the study the Head would go to a tall corner cupboard which contained his arsenal of traditional crooked handle school punishment canes. These were of different lengths and sizes and selection depended on our age and robustness.  Viciously pliant he would deliberate his  air. Only once satisfied would he direct you to bent over and hold onto the wrung of the front legs of a large heavy oak antique leather padded armchair. The Headwould then pull the waistband of our white regulation y front junior underpants well up the small of our backs and so the seats were drum tight and nearly at the point of splitting altogether Again he would deliberate the commencement of the caning, slowly measuring up, tapping our legs to splay the out wider to get maximum buttock area, swishing the cane and testing it's flexibility. Then the first seering stroke which extended in an arc from above his shoulders and the meaty thwack of the cane biting into my buttock. The pain so intense that you could not even gasp for a breath. He wd deliberately pause between each stroke to allow the pain to sink in and to allow one to catch our breath for the next stroke. It was horrifing experience  and caning of never less than  6 strokes and on rare occasions upto 12 strokes. If the offence was serious our underpants would also be pulled down to maximise the sting and pain and humiliation.

We would then be told to leave the study and not to blubber or rub our bottoms. In dorm at night the other boys would ridicule the bright red welted stripes which would go purple and then black with time. The cane would scuff and break the skin and it was agonising to peel the seat of our underpants of our welted buttocks.

In my final "A" level year I was cuaght buying cider from a local off license in my civvies. Nearly 18 years old I was given 12 strokes of the cane after being summons to his Study during a PE class and in only my thin gym shorts and a jock strap. To allow for a modicom of modesty he allowed me to keep my jock strap on but thrashed me with his cane over my bare buttocks. Whilst waiting for what seemed our in my PE kit I had the strange phenomenum of becoming hard and the pouch of my jockstrap literally straining at bursting point to restrain my erection. Luckily this sbsided on entering the Heads study in the knowledge of my impending doom and terror.


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Love to have seen that and get my tape measure out to measure front and back

Wow we were caned but never naked , That must have hurt.

I was given 12 on the bare too - and in front of the staff. I was accused and found guilty of sexually assaulting my Housemaster's wife, and flogged for it as the only alternative to immediate expulsion. Months later she recanted but they couldn't undo the flogging.

I always became very aroused while waiting to be caned. I was partly the fear, but also the certain knowledge that when the time came I would be made to remove my gym shorts and then step forward to go over the trestle to be caned. Nine times out of ten I was still fully erect at the critical moment - i just couldn't help it.

I also often had the full dozen strokes usually with shorts down belly over desk in class across my bare bum and always with a 'stiffy' not that unusual for boys at my boarding school. At least we had some respite and fun in the toilets when examining each others welts.

Not sure hoiw this thing works.<br />
But give "Corporal Contacts" a go as Birchington suggests!<br />
It also has a web site. Plenty of free ads once you've signed up. Even email addresses and phone numbers.<br />

Excellent recollection of a geuine school caning - thanks

I TOO went to a british public school and sometimes got caned as Krol descibed it but if really bad we were caned bare bottom in front of the school on ocassions four naughty boys were caned at the same times four bottoms awiting the cane! with our bottoms facing the school! it was worse if u were last in the row knowing what was comming! it was loud and noisy! i got this a few times while at school<br />
I Suppose they thought multiple cannings saved time!

I enjoyed your story Krol and really felt for you as you bent over in your jock strap for 12. Even though it was sixty years ago I was at school I still get very excited when I play at being 14 and bend over in a jock strap for 12 of the best. Alas the front of my jock strap no longer swells with the excitement as it once did. It is strange that the pleasure is still there however.<br />

As a seventeen year old I had a similar experience from my housemaster. Four of us were caught buying alcohol from a local off licence (no supermarkets in those Days) by our housmaster. He offered us the choice of being dealt with by him or the headmaster. As some boys had recently been expelled, there was bo choice. We had to report to him in our PE kit and he informed us that the new headmaster had written new guidelines for housemasters punishments - there was to be no more public canings in front of the house, a maximum of six strokes and no bare bottom caning. As we had opted to be punished by him for such a serious matter he was going to ignore the guidelines.<br />
<br />
We were each to be caned in the prescence of the others. A high stool was placed in the middle of the study and in turn we had to step forward remove our shorts and shirt and bend over the stool wearing just a jock strap for nine strokes. I watched as the first boy took his caning The second boy who was wearing underpants was told to remove them - he was clearly stuggling to take his caning and when he stood up I was aware that he had an erection. I had been caned by my housemaster before but was surprised by the force which he was using.The third boy lay across the stool motionless and took the nine strokes stoically for which I had great admiration. I stepped forward and removed shirt and shorts and was aware that my jockstrap was bulging as I lay across the stool. What followed was the most painfull caning of my life which I did not take well and at one point yelled out.<br />
<br />
Following this we returned to our dormitory to examine our stripes. We each had ridged bottoms with nine angry marks. My colleagues then turned on me for not taking the beating like a man and made me do a forfeit for them not to tell anyone.

lovely story Kroll, as far as I can remember the worse part was waiting outside the Head's study knowing that I was going to have the cane. Never had it on the bare, most strokes I received at school were eight on gym shorts after being caught scrumping.<br />
Now I often reproduce those experiences with 'Headmaster' locally.

you just told the story of my boyhood life.<br />
different School<br />
maybe different country,but the same ritual.<br />
I was caned so many times <br />
I began to love it<br />
Although waiting outside the heads office<br />
my legs would shake and my knees knock<br />
and I got excited by the fear!!<br />
As the fist stroke fell<br />
my arse burned<br />
but I felt SO GOOD!!!

Hi Munschkin and Andrew. I loved reading your comments to Andrew. I also had the experience of being caned with a switch when out in the country.I was walking with an old friend and we were reminiscing about our school days and the visits to the Headmaster's office where our butts were very thoroughly warmed and striped. I suggested that we see if we could still take a caning and we found a suitable whippy branch which we ******** of all the leaves and side branches and then tossed a coin to see who would be caned first. As the area was very secluded there was no danger of being seen or heard, so we ******** down and as I lost the toss I had to bend first.<br />
My friend pulled no punches and the first cut felt like a red hot poker as it made contact with my butt. It hurt like hell and the only consolation was that I would shortly be holding the cane!!<br />
He gave me the traditional 6 of the best and they were very well laid on.<br />
The switch had raised 6 beautiful welts across my butt and the lovely warm feeling afterwards was worth the pain.<br />
When it was my turn to cane him ,I did it with relish and ignored his squeals as each cut was well applied. We compared our welts and talked again about how great it was to feel a cane across our butts again after many years and after about a half hour when the pain had subsided somewhat, we had another round which was even more heavily applied. All in all a very enjoyable but painful afternoon which I hope to experience again soon.<br />
It is a great pity that we are all so far from each other as it would be great to get together over a weekend at a suitable venue and cane each other to our heart's content.!!

owch! nicely written, I too could nearly feel the strokes! remember simalar experinces! nearly wet myself reading it.

a message for andrew<br />
i live in england, can suggest things<br />
send me a private meaage<br />

you should all try "Corporal Contacts" - it's been going for 30 years and is a superb way to meet CP mates all over UK.
You have to write for details to BCM/CORPCO,
London, WC1N. 3XX

Andrew<br />
<br />
I'm not sure of your age but I think you need to be over 18 to avail yourself of the services of such an organisation and I believe that they charge as well. I would think that you need to find a friend who is willing to cane you or wait until you are18.

Thank you canestripe.<br />
I dont have any friends I could ask a thing like that.<br />
Have you heard of cpserviceslondon ?<br />
Do you think it would be good to go there?

Dear Andrew,<br />
Thanks for your comment. Although corporal punishment is banned in schools it can still be used in home. Why don't you sit down with your parents and discuss your need for stricter discipline and suggest they purchase a cane?

can we discuss further send me a e-mail

Typhoon, <br />
I am sure he did it on purpose to make it more painful. Maybe they had a limit of 3 in that school?<br />
Where can I read about Muir Academy?<br />
<br />
Andrew, where does your interest in CP comes from?

I am still at school.<br />
that sort of thing doesnt happen now.<br />
I wish it did.<br />
I would like to get that and see what its like.

The only one of any recount was at secondary school. I was up before the H.M for a spot of wanton vandalism to school property, okay, i sawed through the headset wires in French with a pencil sharpener blade and got ratted on. Anyways, with no good excuse, as if there could be one, it was a "Bend over my desk, boy." job. There followed three strokes of the cane across the tops of my thighs, i never could decide if the the H.M was a rotten shot or if he thought i might have a book down the back of my tousers but it flippin hurt, that much i could decide! I've been looking into the Muir Academy where adults attend as schoolboys and girls and caning is carried out as it used to be in tradtional schools. Their website had some very interesting accounts of pupils caning.

Typhoon you are right! <br />
Do you have any spanking experiences?

Ouch, ouch and ouch. I felt every stoke, there!

Thank you for a lovely erotic and detailed description, Krol.