Regular Sessions With The Cane

as a male with an open relationship with both sexes i am lucky to be given reular spankings by both parties the cane being used,the most ,sometimes 3 times a day,as a form of enjoyment i seem to be in agreement with many to say being bent over and pointing my bare bottom up so a person to whom i trust and love can issue anything from 6 to as many as i feel id like to what they feel they need to give,the feeling of a hot bottom and how sexy i feel is paramount to why i enjoy it and my partnes enjoy caning me



serotta98 serotta98
41-45, M
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Lucky guy
I would love to be caned by a really sexy girl.
My fantasy is to be caught looking at spanking **** and to be sentenced to a really good whacking.
Tell me what does your girlfriend believe to be a good caning- a dozen or more and does she bare your bum
Enjoy the tannings!

I love the feeling after a spanking especial a firm caning that's what makes me addicted to it and showing of the marks....

My girlfriend canes me when she is in the mood and I still have the marks from last Tuesday. But she says it is important to her that she gives as many strokes as she chooses, she will not say ahead how many she is giving. Unfortunately she broke the rattan and bamboo canes on me a few months ago, and so I got the delrin and acrylic canes which seem to me more painful.

I have been involved in bdsm for a number of years as a Dominant and have punished numerous females, cd/tv's with a wide variety of instruments in different scenarios. <br />
I am not naturally sadistic by nature. I am more interested in the mental aspect that results in a variation of reactions that the act of being controlled and punished has on the submissive. <br />
What I have found incredibly fascinating is the number of masochists who as children had never been punished but have developed the need to feel those extreme sensations of discomfort later in life. <br />
Personally! I have never felt the urge or inclination to become submissive or to be punished.<br />
The cane is generally considered to be one of the instruments that is not to be taken lightly. If you find a cane difficult to endure then stay away from my specially prepared length of hosepipe that I reserve for those special occasions. <br />
I enjoyed reading your posts. DM [Cape Town]

Good day,

I am into corporal punishment and would like to know if you punish men or is it just females?


Are you looking for a male to punish you?
Skoolsjan (at) g m a i l (dot) com

My preference is to punish females. Besides caning, I also cater to other submissive and masochistic needs in females. I have on occasion punished cd and tv's but they need to be very fem, convincing and younger than 30.

i've always spanked and caned men and women whenever I visited London ... have been trained by the best .... now I'm keen to explore at home and if anyone is keen then lemme know ...... oh and i do tend to switch now and again ...

I am keen in been disciplined.

Heep,<br />
You mare soooo right!

jhf360,<br />
Thanks for your answer. I'm in Benoni.<br />
Verstaan jy Afrikaans?

There really isn't anything quite like the cane. At high school we were supposed to have our hymn books with us during assembly and the prefects would stand at the doors afterwards checking that everyone had them with them. If you didn't you had to report to the prefect and they would beat you with a huge tennis shoe (canvas covered with a rubber sole). The prefect would run down the room and beat you as hard as he could (and this was in front of the other prefects). It stung like hell but was tgone before you knew it. The cane is almost unbearable at the time but the welts afterwards and then the changing of clours to a bruise and the reminder when you sit down for days is really worth it. :)

Where do you stay?

Edgemead Cape Town

I'm only interested to be caned by a woman!

Try me you will be turned on .

I love to be warmed up with a hairbrush on my naked butt then caned by a male or female especially if she is barefoot

Would love to warm you up with a brush then cane you. If you live in Cape Town please contact me.
I am a crossdresser .

Canelove, lees asseblief my opmerking in ons privaat gesprek op EP.

Hi jhf360 try petercommando for a caning in Cape Town.

Do you have petercommando's contact address?

Not really, sorry.<br />
The only guy I know there is Canestripe, but as I said travels allot and is very seldom C/Town.

2doerver<br />
Can you reomend anybody in Cape Town ??<br />

Yes, Canestripe does a lot of traveling.<br />
He's mostly out of town! May be you must look for someone else!

Canestrioe is not an easy man to get to cane you, Such a pity.

Canestripe I got your message but somehow lost your sms. Please send me your number and I will call you.<br />

Hi Canestripe.<br />
Please let me come to you for a caning.<br />
Natasha.<br />

Do you ever visit Jo/burg?

Hi there guy in southern suburbs. I am a mature male crossdresser who would love to cane you.<br />
Natasha.<br />

Mature guy in Southern Suburbs needs to bend over for a caning from a male Master.<br />
<br />
Any Master interested in obliging?<br />
<br />
074 113 7297

The cane still stays my favourite!

Am a male crossdesser in cape town who needs to be caned. Any volanteers?<br />
Natasha.<br /><br />

Hi Sid, very, very true!

M too Gloria and after that warm-up the cane or something similar must eat into my butt! :)

yes I love the cane too. I like to be warmed up first with a paddle, or hairbrush

One HAS tried it -- often!

It can be VERY sexy when the guy is in his twenties!!!

I give canings, but I prefer getting it from a lady.

After I have caned a young guy (preferred ages 19 to 30) during a few sessions during the day, I get turned-on that much that I switch, and become submissive<br />
Anyone else get this inclination?

Serotta, for me its the cane by a female!