Calves And Thighs

While the popular places to cane I appreciate, I don't see so much about caning on the thighs and on the calves. I find that much more nastily stinging and when I'm doing the caning I like taking someone with lovely legs and making them suffer all over them. Probably the cruelest is when I've made someone stand on tip-toe and then caned their calves if their heels touch the floor. Fronts and insides of thighs are also really sensitive and they can be made to watch it happen.

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BlueDreamUK - Can I contact you and discuss things in a PM. Feel free to use this email address:

I play with any gender and agree that finding willing partners can sometimes be hard - but worth it I think! I wonder if some women generally dress to show their legs so marks could be more problematic than for a lot of men (though I suspect men could more likely explain some marks as sports or something)

Hi DreamUK - In your original post, are you referring to male or female or both? It is not always easy to find females whom are willing to be smacked on the legs. Even though I am gentle and just hard enough to sting and slowly warming up the thighs and calves.

I agree with you about being made to wear very short shorts with the legs completely bare until the angry marks and welts have faded. This kind of "after spanking punishment" is very effective on a girl who was so eager to be wearing very short denim shorts and looking very leggy in public. After her punishment however, it's the last thing she wants to do. I wonder why? What will other people think when they see those red marks all over her lovely long legs? Or perhaps its because from now on I am the only guy in her life who is admiring and examining the backs of her legs but not for the reasons she would like. She can look nice and leggy as often as she likes but if she ends up being too provocative and naughty then I expect her to be wearing those very short denim shorts and looking rather leggy all the time after her thighs and calves have been smacked and punished and everyone can see those sinful temptations have been severely delt with.<br />
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We don't see much about this kind of discipline and punishment in the spanking scene may be we can set up a few blogs specially for this kind of smacking? If anyone would like to discuss further and are interested in where the legs are the main focus of punishment and would like to connect of like mind, feel free to email me on:


it`s nice and amazing as well to meet someone in the net sharing exactly my phantasies and my opinion about spanking and caning legs as punisment for a young lady.
It`s really,as you remarked "don't see much about this kind of discipline and punishment in the spanking scene"and I can't imagine that only "the two of us" are appreciating this fine and efficient kind of punisment for young girls/women.
Maybe it's the traditional way over a lot of periods focussing mainly the buttocks as target of a thrashing?!
Anyway we should encourage more people like us to change their mind and realize the advantages of caning legs as important part of corporal punishment.

Especially for those young ladies who like to show their long slim legs completely uncovered in public,wearing extremely short mini-skirts or shorts,displaying even the half of their nude buttocks in public a good dose of a whippy cane or hazel-or willow switch will be the best way to change her sinful behavior because of the agonizing pain the dancing rod will cause on her nude legs.
Holding the girl's arm with one hand and whacking her legs from all sides with the other until her thighs and calves will be covered all over with angry swollen welts that will turn into red-blue "tramlines" within the coming days and of course for the punished girl displaying her welted bare legs it's the last thing she wants to do!
But she has to for her embarressment in public and for your delight at home.No excuse will help her to explain those nice pattern decorating her legs,everyone will know that she had felt the cane and she will be asked what she did to deserve such a severe punishment.

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Cool post and highly agree with you! I also got your email and replied, hope you got it. Its great to find others of like mind! And of course pinching her welts on the backs of her legs after the switching! I prefer the 'slow warm up approach' were I start of gently and slowly warm up the legs until show she is struggling to keep her legs still and tingling all over. I prefer died off raspberry switches, while brittle but they are light and the welts are light and you can apply spankings for longer. Of course the longer the legs and the shorter the shorts or skirts then the more severe the switchings need to be for making my pulse race!

Hi Hotte - Sent an email a few days a go let me know if you didn't receive it. Thanks.

I love to be forced to dress in very short grey school short trousers and banded or plain grey kneesocks and then have my bare thighs slapped or rulered. After then spending some time in the corner, I like to be sent outdoors with the red marks still visible. This is made worse on cold days as the slaps sting more and the redness is more vivid on cold bare white thighs. I live in Manchester and email is if anyone wants to contact me

Great to see people out there of like mind. I love this kind of spanking and love to focus on the legs. What I prefer is taking some with lovely long legs wearing very short shorts so that thighs are completely bare and only the bottom cheeks covered and wearing short ankle socks so the calves are bare. So there are looking nice and leggy and made to keep their legs kept straight and locked together while using a light thin whippy switch, hands or ruler and slowly work down from the bottom to the ankles and back up again. Also made to watch while sitting down and punishing the front of the thighs. If there are people of like minded ideas about smacking the thighs and calves, please let me know.

I love getting the ruler really hard across my thighs and calves. It really stings!! I haven't had the cane across my calves or thighs, but I'd like to if I can pluck up the courage. A few times at school the tip of the cane caught the bare skin of my leg just below the hem of my shorts.

Yes, the cane and tawse across the soles of the feet can cause lots of pain! Keep to the soles, rather than the toes, though.<br />
It is a good thing to use on boys who tend to step out of the way of the cane or tawse when you are beating them across the bottom and/or hands. It slows them down a bit!<br />
Co-incidentally, I am having a visitor tomorrow whio has asked to be punished on the inside of his thighs.

I can attest to the effectiveness of canning on the thighs. My wife often canes me there, while the cane across the bottom hurts, it's nothing compared to a dozen well laid on across the thighs.

I haven't tried the feet which I've heard can be done with no damage if done properly, but excruciating pain.

I often cane/tawse on thighs (back, front, and insides) and the back of the legs, and also on the soles of the feet (bastinado/fallaka), which can be very sexy when the boy being punished lets out a few "ouches"!