A Choking Scenario To Try...

I have a fetish for sliding my
hands around the neck of a "willing victim" and squeezing into the notch just
below the adam's apple, gradually increasing the pressure while the victim
coughs, gags, gasps and wheezes until the victim "surrenders", usually by just
brushing away my hands or some other agreed upon "tap out" gesture. Then, we
reverse roles and I become the "victim". One of my favorite versions of this
scenario, particularly when I'm getting choked is that I look into a mirror with
the person squeezing me from behind. I watch the fingers press into my windpipe
-- and root for the "attacker" to "get me good"! No violence, staged or
otherwise, just the sensuous sensation itself, which can certainly lead to, or
be a part of whatever fits...
I have written a realistic strangulation fantasy story featuring this method of "sensuous strangulation". I'd post it here, but the pasted text loses a lot of character -- italicized words don't reproduce as such. I'll gladly email a copy to anyone -- just send a request to:


and I'll reply with a copy of the story "Apples for Bobbing". Please include your EP name in the email so I know who the request is from.

Meantime, I would love to share experiences of this wonderful fetish involving the hands of a sensuous strangler surrounding and squeezing the vulnerable neck of a totally willing victim -- a delightful experience for both!
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I was 11 knocking at my friends door hopeing to play,his older sister(15) answered and said they were playing a game in the ba<x>sement and If I'd hide with her while they searched I could come in.Silent at her request I followed her down and into a room that was empty except a huge mirror.Looking in the mirror I seen how small I was to her standing behind me,watched her arm wrap around my neck suddenly and tighten,and Ill always remember I couldn't breath and seeing her reflection in the mirror smiling as she choked me.I woke up sitting infront of the mirror between her legs she had stretched out sitting behind me with her arm fastined tightly around my neck and after waking up the 4th time she quietly said she loved choking people until they passed out,trying to speak she tightend her arm up and through the mirror looked at me saying"SHUT UP".Because of the cunfused feeling you get after being choked out Im uncertan how many times she choked me,way more than five times though and later stating her family wouldn't be back till late tomorrow night so she tricked me into comming in so she could enjoy choking someone and not getting caught.I never told on her,I Loved It...

did she use her hands round your throat on any of these times?

My wife loves to be choked hard and long when i **** her, she offers me her throat, i put both hands round her long slender neck and squeeze her... it feels very hot to feel her body struggling and her gasping sounds...

I loved your story. But you know this lol we emailed back and forth

You are so lucky to be married to a woman with that gorgeous vulnerable "notch" who really enjoys trading sensuous strangles with you! By the way, when you press into that notch, you are squeezing not into the esophagus (food pipe), rather the trachea (the windpipe). Email me at<br />
<br />
miklew61@yahoo.com<br />
<br />
and I'll send you a strangle fantasy story that should give you some great new ideas to try!

I like female Strangle me..