Desperate In Public

Today I went to the gym, ran some errands and went shopping. This took up the majority of my day.
I left this morning with a barely-noticeable need to pee, but a need all the same.
I hadn't peed since the previous evening, around 11/12 before I'd gone to bed, and had had a coffee and some water before I left.
At the gym, I drank a bottle of water and some juice, so by dinner time I was pretty desperate with all this liquid inside me, but nothing I couldn't handle.
While running errands I got a coffee to go. 
I then met up with some friends, and while considering I probably should pee before I met them, I didn't :-)
We went for lunch, where I had a tall glass of iced tea. A few hours later, I was wriggling uncontrollably, my legs squirming, bouncing up and down. 
We stopped off to get some tickets for a show next week, and one of them asked if we could go pee first. I knew I couldn't hold it if I had to stand in the bathrooms so I offered to start queueing while they went.
I was getting a little excited by now; my bladder was pulsing and my **** was rubbing deliciously against my knickers as I squirmed. I had been trying to keep my wriggling to a minimum with my friends, but with them gone and people around me, I didn't hold back. I bent my legs inward and tapped my feet. A few people glanced at me with pity, feeling sorry for me and my clearly obvious plight. I wriggled all the more :P
By the time my friends had returned, I had bought the tickets and we were almost ready to leave. One of my friends just needed to go into one more shop. I told myself I could hold it, strengthening my resolve as I pressed my thighs together (not the easiest way to walk, let me tell you!)
She decided to buy a top and went up to the till. I told her I'd wait at the front of the store, my reasoning being that I could hold myself discreetly behind some clothing racks, but my other friend decided to accompany me. 
I was in serious trouble now. All the liquid was making me wriggle like mad.
I had to stop and cross my legs as a sudden wave of desperation hit, turning quickly to pretend I had seen something of interest. In truth, I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.
I was wearing a sweater dress so I managed to quickly grab myself without anyone seeing before turning and walking out. As we stood waiting for my friend at the front of the shop, my other friend commented on my now obvious squirming.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I said shortly, making a superhuman effort to stand still.
"You sure? Only, looks like you're gonna **** yourself any second."
I laughed it off, but I was beginning to worry that might be only too true. "Yeah, it's nothing, I may as well wait til I get home."
Before she could say anything else, my other friend joined us and we headed for the bus station.  
The friend who had noticed my need's bus came first and she left. My other friend had a ten minute wait, and I a fifteen.
She asked me if I thought she had time to pee and I said yes, but then she looked at me expectantly as if I were to accompany her. I took a deep breath and we entered the ladies.
There were four cubicles and a queue of three people. As we joined the queue, my friend turned to me and muttered 'Shouldn't have had all that ice tea before'. I thought for a second she was referring to me and my desperation, but then I noticed her rigid stance and realised she really had to go.
I wasn't sure what to do now. I was beyond bursting, but I was having fun holding. However, in the surroundings of the public toilet with the cisterns and the taps and suchlike making unhelpful hissing noises, I was beginning to lose it.
The three people went in, followed by my friend, and then another woman came in and stood behind me. I began to show my desperation more, getting turned on doing so in front of this woman, who looked at me sympathetically. When a cubicle was freed, rather than walking in stiffly as I normally would, I didn't hesitate to run.
Inside the cubicle, I thrust my hand between my legs, frantically pee dancing as I tried to debate whether or not to pee or wait. It was not really a choice, however, as I was beginning to leak. I sat on the toilet and clenched hard, not wanting to let it all out and ruin my fun, but even squeezing as hard as I could, I let out quite a long stream. When my bladder had emptied just enough to breathe properly again, so I could just manage without squirming, I forced myself to stop and left.
When my friend's bus arrived, I had five minutes left to wait for mine. I was still pretty desperate, to the point where I couldn't relax my muscles for fear of leaking, but I wanted to challenge myself so I purchased a bottle of water from the small shop and tried to drink it. I was pee dancing a little and getting totally hot doing so in front of so many people :P
I got on the bus and settled in for the thirty minute journey. The first half was bearable at least, but with fifteen minutes to go and my already bursting bladder filled with half of my water, I was squirming like crazy. I rocked in my seat, my legs crossed and jiggling.
By the time I reached my stop, I had my hand rammed against my *****, and [with the help of the vibrating bus] was so totally turned on I didn't want to get off!
I stepped carefully off the bus, water in hand, and noticed a few people waiting there for another bus. I decided to wait until they had all left, because I wanted them to see how desperate I was. Pretending I too was waiting for another bus, I stood there swigging nonchalantly from my water and squirming. 
I got a thrill knowing they knew.
I was walking on the spot, my hand rubbing my swollen stomach, when their bus came. They got on and I stood there acting as if everything was normal, until it drove away.
Then I turned and sprinted home. By the time I was a few streets away I was leaking a little, tiny rivers of pee travelling into my boots, and having my hand between my legs was now a necessity. As I let myself into my house, pee literally exploded out of the second I shut the door, leaving me to dash to the bathroom, a nice trail of pee depicting my journey :-)

So yeah, hot day for me! Sorry about mistakes and etc, I could probably have written in better but, as ever, am in a rush >< 
Note to self: prioritize!

Hope you enjoyed, Wriggling x

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I loved ur story and would love to chat with you. Do u hav kik?

great job.wish i was seated beside u in the bus

Nice desc<x>riptive story, well told. I can almost feel your desperation.

amazing!! Absolutely hot ; o;

Its especially nice to be around the streets of a big city in the small hours by the bus stops of Night buses. The long drinking of the night continues to percolate down into the panties and it is easy to find girls who are very full, crossing their legs and sometimes holding themselves at the bus stop. Sometimes a girl will have to leave the queue and find a quiet corner to take her panties down and relieve herself before the bus comes. Other girls just seem as if they cannot wait to get on the bus and sit down to relieve the pressure in their panties. I guess they think they could let some pee out on the seat of the bus easier than wetting themselves in a public bus queue. Either way this is a great way of finding girls holding themselves and badly needing to pee but with no toilets anywhere around.

Very nice story.

Hi Wriggling, <br />
What a turn on reading your story, im sat here wriggling myself...must be a northern thing ;)

fantastic story wriggling. thanks for sharing.

fantastic story wriggling. thanks for sharing.

Amazing story, have only just discovered you Wriggling but am so glad I have :) xx

It is nice that you got to wet yourself at the end, even if it was just a little bit.<br />
<br />

You really needed help. please let me. I'm in the UK too, although not north unless I'm on my travels.

I certainly enjoyed . Wish I could have been following you around.

@guru & holdit... perhaps, then, this shall be my next feat... to measure :P<br />
& I'm in England, currently living in the north.<br />
<br />
@wabbott: thank you so much :):) It's really nerve wracking sharing personal experiences like this, even anonymously, but comments that make it a lot easier!

You're getting more adventurous! <br />
<br />
BTW, no need to apologize for sharing mostly "musings" instead of stories. While a lot of the stories that people post on EP are really hot (and get me really hot) the thing that I actually like best here is getting to know people. It's really wonderful to see the ways that people's pee fetishes fit into the rest of their lives--their sex lives, and their sense of who they are generally.<br />
<br />
You became one of my favorite posters at EP almost as soon as you arrived, because you are so good at sharing your feelings on that level.<br />
<br />
That said...REALLY HOT STORY! I think if I'd been tagging along with your little group and knew what you were doing...if you and I had gone back to your house together...I think I'd have come in my pants when you finally lost it as you shut the front door. Wow.

I agree with Guru. I'd love to know what your capacity is - at your limit but before you leak!<br />
<br />
Where in the country are you Wriggling? I'd like to visualise where you are. it's great to have you back posting regularly.<br />
<br />

@Camperstriker, I do, but I rarely use it. I don't get much time to talk on here, hence why I muse rather than share stories; it gets a bit of me out there when I don't have time to converse properly :)<br />
<br />
@Guru, thank you very much! :) I've been asked a few times to measure, it's never something that I've seriously considered though... however, first time for everything!

Oh LOL I thought it would be harder to stop when you're trying to hold versus the relief! You must have enjoy the tingles when the pee was slowing down! Do you have MSN by any chance?

Oh so difficult! But it wasn't as bad as usual, because it wasn't like I was enjoying relief and then being forced to stop.. I was still trying to hold when I was peeing :S!

How did it feel when you did your half pee? It must have been extremely difficult!

This is so hot, I wish I could've been at that bus stop watching you squirm.