This One Time.....

well this one time a few weeks ago at that i had wehnt to the park and sat there watching the river like i used to do with mi ex. Its where i do most of mi thinking anyway i wehnt and sat there for 3 hours and drank a whole 2 litre bottle of pop and a botlle of water shortly after i had to pee pretty bad so i got up and walked up the hill back to the park looking for any nearby bathrooms. Just mi luck there was none in site and the nearest shopping center was about a half hour walk away so i decided to sit back down and watch the little kids on the play structure. About 10 minutes later the urge came back worse this time and i had to cross mi legs i wehnt walking down the path to find a bench knowing i could hold it if i sat down about 3 minutes later another urge so bad i had to stop and hold miself while crossing mi legs slightly bend down. Yet i managed to hold it. Just before i got to the bench i got a emence urge i had to crouch down and hold myself by now squirming all of a sudden i peed a little but managed to keep holding. I sat down on the bench hurriedly and shuved mi hands towards mi crotch to hold miself and crossed mi legs by now i was rocking back and forth i had to pee sooo bad mi stomchhrt and i couldn hodl it much longr and a bit more pee came rushing out barely hanging on i tryed to walk as far away  from the crowd as i could ut  a few mor steps and i had started peeing hard and manage to just hold out a littl lnger i didnt care who was watching at this point pushing mi hands in mi pants holding miself i couldnt manage this anymore but at the same time i didnt want to end it yet. within the next 2-3 minutes i was rubbing miself it seemed to ease the pain but as i took a few more steps i couldnt hold it in any lnger and pee wehnt gushing into mi new skinny jeans i crouched over and fell to mi knee in the pain and peed for i swear at least 10 minutes and waited a few minutes afterward before i got up and walked all the way home..

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Haha I once had a situation like that... I ended up peeing my pants to mid thigh (about the amount of ur profile pic a little more maybe) before just pulling them down and squatting in the grass :)

i totally would have peed my pants with you if i was there with you ;)

lol yea mi bad mi writing sux

lol yea mi bad mi writing sux

i just got up and wehnt to pee before i finished typing

so what was the turn out with you having to pee while typing your story up?


That is a VERY HOT story!!!! I'd LOVE to hear more about it and others like it!!! I LOVE to see pixxx of you in those sexy wet jeans!! Let's chat and see what fun ideas *** up sexy!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!! my god I need to pee!!! ;-*

yea i had to walk home and no nobody was home


It was a great story hope you have more


Great story :-)

yea mi spelling was kinda bad cuz i hadto pee wehn i posted this

um thx...

Very nice story. Don't worry about the spelling.

srry about the spelling evryone