I Diaper Myself In A Different Way..

             To me wearing adult diapers is to close to being old, but maybe I haven,t found the right ones. You know, that feel close to baby diapers and hold their weight. But I take two size 6 baby diapers and put them together to make one large diaper. I take one diaper and lay it horizontally, then I take the other and lay it vertically. I place the edge of the vertical inside the edge of the horizontal and tape them together.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I Use To Tape And Put Two Luvs or Pampers Size 6 Together Along Time Ago!! IT Was One Of The Best Because It Was Already WET And SMELLED GOOD!!!!

thank you for the heads up!!!!! I love wearing disposables diapers with a plastic outer lining, I actually found some at a convenant store here in virginia, and they are so much like old pampers from the early 80's. I really do not like the cloth like cover on new disposables. So I feel like I hit the lottery. They feel so good when I wet them!!!!!