Love Having My Wife Diaper Me

My wife has always know about my diaper fetish. I told her about it before we got married and that was 28 years ago. She will diaper when ever i want and has diapered when I sometimes least expect it. When I first told her about my diapers, she bought my some baby items the next day, including some plastic covered training pants. The pants were a little too small for me.

I always have worn baby cloth diapers and plastic pants. That is what I grew up with. The diapers I started with were the curtie flatfold 21x40. Usually two or three diapers folded together and pinned on. I used the toddler size gerber plastic pants. My wife even modified the leg opens so they wouldn't fit so tight. Later on i found the VIP plastic pants, which were the old gerber adult plastic pants, which I wore for years. After that, the intenet provided many places to find baby plastic pants in adult sizes.

I still wear baby diapers, gauze cotton flat fold. I am in diapers most of the time at bed time. About once a week, I do wake up with a wet diaper. Usualy not a heavy wetter, but just wet enough to know you wet in your sleep. A couple of times a month, my wife likes to diaper me in the morning. All i wear is diapers, plastic pants and a tee shirt. She changes my wet diapers through out the day. At noon time, I usually get a baby bottle.

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Diaper Doodles has flat fold gauze diapers. I use their 28x35.5 flat fold gauze diaper. I think they also have 21x40 flat fold gauze diapers.

Where do you find curity 21x40 anymore?

I have worn diapers outside the house under my normal clothes when we have gone out. We don't "play baby" when we are outside. Most of the time when I am wearing diapers, I am in the house. As far as bottles goes, sometimes my wife feeds me and sometimes I hold the bottle. It all kind of depends on what is going on. <br />
As far as my feelings, I feel like I am totally in her hands and she will take care of all of my worries and problems. I feel very relaxed and at ease.

you have now had 28 years of sharing with your wife in this fetish, does she ever get tired of it or does she enjoy it? is this something that you share together at home only or do you go out in public with them on? you have shared how she has been involved in it but can you explain the feelings and emotions that you have doing it? when you get your baby bottle does she feed it to you or make you hold it yourself? as you can see there has been several questions i have asked, you are one of the few who have had their wife involved and for 28 years at that. there is so much to glem off of this experience. maybe she could come on and make a few commits on how she feels and maybe address us on the whole process for her perpective, that would be very interesting. you see us AB/DL's usely get feed back from only our points of few. i know she has got to have some kind of emotional ties now to this world of AB/DL since sharing with you for 28 years that could be past on to help our other halfs.

Thanks for all of the nice comments. I wish everyone could tell their wife or husband and have them understand

I am really happy for you. Thank you for sharing.

you are luky to have such a wonderful wife as she is. i finaly told my wife but she would have nothing to do with it. if she would have maybe i would not what it as bad. maybe that need of being nurtured and loved by a mommy would no longer be there. tell you wife that we have told you how luky you are and what a special woman she is.

I have an understanding girl too & other partners who will be more than glad to diaper me when my girl is not up for it. It feels awesome!