Total Domination

I crave to be totally dominated during sex. It's the only thing that would fully satisfy my lusts.

By total domination I mean domination in every aspect, including physical, mental/psychological, and verbal.

Physically, I want my top to show me how much stronger he is than me (not hard considering my size), how easily he can subdue me, shrug off any possible resistance, and make me submit to his desires. I want him to immobilise both my wrists in one hand, press me down with his weight, keep my legs spread with his knees. I want him to manhandle me with his sheer strength and not worry about hurting me to show his absolute physical superiority. I want him to demonstrate to me that every part of my body is merely there for him to take pleasure from. Once I've been shown that I'm nothing before his power, I want him to keep reinforcing my weakness by tying me up in ways that expose me to him or make me feel vulnerable. I want to feel the despair that comes with the knowledge that there is nothing I can physically do to resist him and his desires.

Mentally, I want him to keep reminding me how worthless I am, how he thinks of me as only an object and a toy on which to satisfy his lusts. I want him to destroy my pride, ***** away my dignity, until I realise that the only purpose of my existence is to provide pleasure for real, superior men like him. I want him to mould my mind until all I can think about is how to serve him better, how to please him more, how to use every inch of my body, every skill I have, to give him more pleasure. I want him to mentally dominate me so completely that even outside of sex, all I can think about is his total power over me, his ability to make me do whatever he wants, his **** claiming from me what is, after all, completely his.

Verbally, I want him to call me names, demean me, degrade and humiliate me. I want him to convince my subconscious, through sheer repetition and constant reinforcement, to accept whatever he calls me as the truth. Worthless ****. Mindless cumdump. Cocksheathe. Breeding hole. I want him to make me cry in shame. I want him to shut me up whenever I have the temerity to protest or talk back to him, whether with a slap, with a hand/tape over my mouth, with a ball/****/ring gag, or simply with a hard smack on my bottom to turn my protests into screams of pain. I want him to show me that I am not there to talk, that my opinion does not matter, that there is only his word and my place is to accept and obey every single one.

This is what I crave. This is what I am.
caseyjordan caseyjordan
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Your my ***** now

I feel exactly like this. I wish I could find someone to totally dominate me like this and make me feel that I have no purpose except to please him.