I was raw to this but wanted to experiment as much as possible trying everything. She licked around the head, and then tried to push the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit on the tip. Almost instinctively she tried to see how much of me she could take in. She gradually moved her mouth lower and had almost two thirds of my thick **** in her till she couldn’t take in any more. It took every bit of self control to not *** in her mouth right then as I watched her almost choking on my ****, her lips and her cheeks glistening with my pre *** some of her long black hair sticking to her cheeks. I had to tell her to stop then. She asked me innocently, “Don’t you like it ?” I told her that I absolutely loved it, but now I had to enter her.

This was the only part of sex that I guess she did know about (probably heard about it from the other girls in school)… and right away she lay flat on her back and spread her legs. I lay on top of her kissing and licking her nipples and rubbing her ***** to make sure it was wet. No time for a condom… I’ll have to take my chances. I centered my **** head at the entrance of her ***** and slowly pushed it in. It was tighter than I expected but I finally managed to get the head into her slit. She moaned, “mmmn …come on please”. I said, “Darling this will hurt a little… do you want me to go on?” She nodded impatiently so I pushed deeper into her ***** till I met some resistance. I thought at first that I mustn’t take her cherry so I slowly moved back and forth trying desperately not to go any further in. She was moaning and goading me on, “Vim, oh vim… please… **** me. Please **** me DEEP AND FAST ,,FAST , faster… mmmmmnnn… AAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAI...”

I lost it my reserve was out of control now ...
I drove my thick rock hard **** into her ***** with vicious abandon, almost causing her to claw into the mattress!!! She screamed in pain… tears rolling down her cheeks… she cried begging me to stop.
My **** was on fire with lust for the young siren, and as I pounded away unmercifully at her drooling ****. Her cries turned to loud sighs. “VIM, oh yes...ye-eeh-eh-yeahss… AAAH...AAH... AAAAAh.”

After ******* her for what feels like an eternity and coming close to exhaustion I felt her ****
begin to tremble and I knew she was close. But I wanted to make this last a really long time so I slowed down keeping her right at the edge and I held her as close as I could, feeling every inch of her chest stuck to mine. Her sweaty skin and her tiny **** rubbing against my skin. She began to grind into my pelvis begging me to give her the ****** she so badly needed.

She began mewling like an injured puppy, “ooh… ooh yeah… yeah yeah go on on go on please... please … ooh yes… go on on on …”, as I rammed in and out of her with ruthless abandon. Making her wait for the *** paid off. She had an ****** that shook every part of her body and she screamed out loud as her **** trembled and the muscles in her ***** spasm and squeezed my ****. Seeing her go through this, watching her eyes glassed over and open wide, the look of disbelief mixed with ecstasy, I can feel my own ****** building inside of my nut sack. I groaned loud, “AAAAh… ah… Aaaah… ah… … I’m *******… oh baby… I’m ******* in your *****. OH GOD… I love you ”. As I passed the point of no return, my hardon ****** spasms hard shooting few times before spewing out load after load of ***, deep inside of her well ****** aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ***** as we both experienced a state of sexual euphoria, and I collapsed on top of her as I still felt my **** shiver and drip the final remaining drops of my sticky white *** into her hungry ****.
vimkha vimkha
31-35, M
May 8, 2012