A College Experience

My girlfriend and I dabbled in clothes swapping by occasionally swapping shoes and socks. We both found that putting on each others socks while they were still warm and moist was especially erotic. She looked like she was about my size, and I wanted to go further but never had the courage to ask. We once spent a weekend in northern Wisconsin visiting her relatives. We stayed at a motel, and one day she went shopping with her aunt and cousin. I couldn't resist the opportunity to try on her clothes so I ******** completely and dressed in the clothes she had worn the day before: her bra, panties, socks, jeans, tall boots with 2-inch heels, sweater and some jewelry. They couldn't have fit better, I was turned on by how I looked and I wanted more. The following Halloween I talked her into dressing me as a her for a costume party I was going to with some college friends. She seemed somewhat surprised but soon got into it completely. Even though it was many, many years ago, I still remember that outfit: red bra and red nylon panties, pantyhose, red and tan mini-dress, tan high heel ankle-strap pumps, brown coat and leather gloves, purse, bracelet, watch, necklace, two rings and a pair of clip-on earrings she borrowed from her mother. She did my makeup with her nail polish, mascara, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and perfume, and topped it off with a long blond wig from a friend. I spent the next 8 hours as her, cherishing every moment and not wanting to swap back. Needless to say, I became a crossdresser from that moment on.
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That is awesome! I had a similar experience in college when I was "adopted" by several gals in a womens group on campass and treated as a 'little sister.' Not only did they encourage me to dress, but they helped me in my presentation as well. It was grand!

That's great to hear; do you still dress en femme?

Sure do ... thanks to my wife for throwing away things as they wore out and replacing them with womens wear, all I have to wear is womens clothes.

Wow; you are so fortunate to have such an understanding wife.

I certainly agree, Eryka!

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