Embraced... Especially At Night..

Its something I've grown to adore, over the past couple of years, and am very much aware I don't have every night, at the moment. Is that feeling of security, safety, and love, I feel at night, when I am in bed with my fiance, and we embrace tightly as we sleep. Useually he is on the right side of the bed, me on the left, and I lay on my left side, and he also, so he is cuddling into my back, and his right arm over me, embracing me all through the night... Its just so fabulus, and all the more apparent, on nights like tonight, where I will not be in bed with him, as we still have seperate houses at the moment and live some distance apart... Yes, being apart from him I miss the sex, I miss the common everyday conversations and laughs, and jokes too, but probably as much if not more than that, I miss the intamacy (as opposed to sex), and the cuddling and holding each others hands, and embracing in bed, or on the sofa as we watch TV or listen to music... just being close, feeling his warmth, smelling his scent, and having him that close to me...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 16, 2012