Confessing To Hubby

i was in need of **** my husband was recovering from the flue.
i know he was in no shape to take care of my needs.
i made a loose plan in my head to go out and find some strange for the 1st time in our 23yrs of marriage.i spent most of my saturday trying to nurse hubby back to health with no luck so i made him a very stiff hot toddy and he layed down for a nap.
this was my chance to make some calls and get myself dolled up for a night of debauchery! i called a couple girl friends but all were busy or had other plans so not to give up i get all sluttyed up put on my over coat woke my husband and told him i was going to my sisters hubby still diliouse from the flue and the hott toddy didnt even see what i was wearing!
i pull out of the drivway not knowing where to go the only thing for sure is theres nothing happing with in 40 miles of us so i drive to the city to find a bar and start my hunt for strange **** my ***** throbbing and soaking wet threw my little g string and i havent even went 10 miles yet
i got on the highway and hit the first gas staion i see
i pull in and a few cars are there one with the hood up
i walk in to use the ladies room and this very huge black man whistles at me i smile and nod in appreciation and i proceed to the ladies room i am walking out of my stall and there he stands!
he grins and says hurry up hoe i need a jump start and snapps his fingers twice and walks out!

i am at a loss for words i never been called a hoe before bit i admit i liked it so i hurried and went outside to help him with his car i am walking to my car and the hood is down on this big mans car i glance up and see him standing beside my car on the drivers side he snapps his fingers and turns his hand like hes starting the car so why i dont know but toss him the keys
we get in and he says nothing but take your coat off and let me look at you
wench i dont know why but i do he glares a moment as hes driveing nice he says youll do just fine! we say nothing i am scared yet turned on and dripping wetter than i have ever been! after a few moments of silence he again snapps his fingers and points to his ****
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9 Responses Jan 8, 2013

wow! please finish the story!

and then?????

OK, what happened next???????

Great story, please add me. Thanks.

I really would like to hear more of this! I'll bet your mouth was watering the whole time....

Definitely would love to read part 2 of this experience.

How beautiful. Please tell us what happened. I hope you were a good ***** and didn't embarrass your hubby with disrespectful behaviour

Please fill us in on the next chapter, did you get ******?

Wow ! was this your first BBC? please tell us more !

yes my 1st but not my last !!!!!! just a frsh start!

I know its not your last sexy lady ! growl !