My Wifes Story

One day one of my husbands friends came over. My husband wasn't home and I told his friend it would be a little while before he came home. We started talking and drinking a soda. I wasn't dressed sexy at all wearing tight jeans and aa tee shirt. Talk came around to feeling out and a few sexy suggestions and I thought nothing of it but had left the door open for future happenings.
I started doing housework and continued to talk and somewhere along the line I said I didn't mind being topless. A little bit latter he came up behind and me and started rubbing my back and then his hands went to my waist and started under my tee shirt. His hands felt so good and he inched up my sides pushing my tee shirt up as well and soon he was cupping my breasts, meading them gently. I waited a minute before turning around and laising my arms for him to remove my tee shirt.
I love to have my breasts played with and even more and let him know I loved what he was doing. He sat down and I move close so he could suck my nipples and breasts into his mouth. He pulled me close sucking my breaasts and exploring my bare torso. His hands went to my butt and pulled me close.
His hand went around to the front of my jeans and unfastened them. Whith my breast firmly in his mouth he slipped my jeans off. He went for my panties and I told him no. He stopped taking them off and I let him run his hands inside them and grip my butt.
He was moaning about needing to **** me but I kept saying no althought he was humping me through his jeans. Then I told him I wanted him to **** my ****. I pulled his pants down and he laid down on top of me with his **** between my **** and start pumping away. IN seconds he was shooting hot *** all over my chest.
He got up and I smeered it over my breasts and nipples and then got us another soda.
About fifteen minutes latter my husband came home. I was still in my panties with his friends *** allover my breasts. His comment was,"I see you and my wife had fun while I was gone." With that he laughed and they went on about their business . I washed my chest and minded my own business but stayed in my panties until he left. As he stopped at the front door I asked him if he'd like to take my panties home as a sovineer. He slipped them down and gave me a kiss and a final squeeze of my breasts then went home.
My husband put his arms around me and kissed me then asked,"Are you ever going to let one of them **** you?" "Probably not." was my reply.
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That was very hot

That's a great story. Do you like being groped in public? What about groped by a stranger? Check out my story, "Her Public ******," I bet you'll like it and I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks.

Love the story and would love for it to happen to me.

did you at least taste it>??>?

You are an awesome tease, but lovely of you to let him *** on your chest, stayed in your panties too!! and gave him your panties! In front of your husband! You are hot!!

hot story


Very sexy!

Oh come on, please. Then tell us all about it.

Wow great story!!

Great experience...loved it.

very sexy story

What a beautiful erotic story! Very stimulating!

Ha ha ha unlucky them no ****..

Great story and a very understanding husband, hope he wouldn't mind if you added me as a friend.

I do love your breasts if that's your pic

I liked how you ended this wanting more

Wow, this is an incredibly hot story - I love your wife's attitude and can't wait to see her. She knows just where to draw the line but drive men crazy. Can't wait to read all your stories, please add me!!!

Impressive story .. and absolutely gorgeous photo!

Damn that's still hot as hell to read 20 times... :D

Nice story. I love a lady that isn't afraid to show a little bit more than usual. Please add me.

You are a sexy horny minx. You must have had countless playmates. Love how you submitted to his advances, letting him play with you, then turning and raising your arms... So seductive.

Why havent I ever had a neighbor like you? nice story

Wonderful story ... very erotic :) Thank You :)

Great story, thanks for sharing.

great story

You are a great wife

Amazing story...would you please add me?

That is a great story. I would love to see my wife make out and felt up by another man.

It is an awesome sight! If you're not the jealous or possessive type. I LOVED IT!!!