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Never Looked For It

I dress daily as a woman and travel around NYC tending to my errands. I ride the subway regularly and have been groped several times. Once I felt a hand on my rear and it just stayed there, squeezing me. And then it, (he?), was gone. Another time the lights went out and I felt a hand on my breast (real) and then "down there". Lights returned and for the life of me I couldn't identify who the culprit was. I pass perfectly as a woman and as the years go by I realize no one would ever recognize me as anything but a woman so when I am groped by a man I take it as an affirmation of my having crossed over successfully to the female side.
Now, on the other hand, how would I feel were I a real woman? I would probaly be incensed, furious, and  hoping the bastard falls on the tracks. It's all about perspective.
josilver josilver 56-60 5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

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It is so imbarreassing! I was wearing girls lingerie under my clothes to work once and must have been none too careful about being caught as I bent over as out of nowhere I had a hand on my bottom. I went to move round to have a go but a man whispered in my ear 'sexy knickers!' the train was packed and I was routed to the spot as he worked his hands over the front of my trousers and then fingered me through the fabric. He then was gone!

if the guy is cute I love it when I get grope

I would have let you know it was me after I groped you down below finding your special-ness. I would want more, maybe even a kiss!

would love to be groped

Good point Jo ... I too have been groped, but I don't like it when it is someone I don't know. Now if it is someone I do know it is a different story ...