My High School Friend.

This happened my senior year in high school. My boyfriend lived on the other side of the city and I only got to see him once a week. I really care about him and eventually married him and have been married to him for 45 years. And he is the first one to ever see my **** and everything else.
However one night I was walking my dog and was on the stree north of mine when a classmate of mine saw me and I stopped to talk. Afther awhile he invited me into his house to show me some things in his room, in the basement. I tied up my dog in the garage and went with him.
In a few minutes he start kissing me and I made no effort to stop him and the kisses became longer and his tongue intered my mouth. His hands began to explore my back and went under my top. Finding no resistance he started pulling it up and finally took it off.
It didn't take long for my bra to fall away as well. I let him play for several minutes as I enjoyed the attention to my breasts and let him suck on them. It wasn't until he start to unfasten my jeans that I wiggled away and told him I had to go. He played with my **** a bit longer before I pulled my shirt back on and left with my bra still on his bed.
The crazy thing about it was latter that evening on the phone when I told my boyfriend about it and he asked for the details. He wasn't mad but cautioned me and said he understood my liking to have my breasts bared and played with.
I saw this guy several times and lost my top everytime. The last time I let him take my jeans off but kept my panties on. He did however, leave a load of *** on them. I was eighteen then and managed to keep my virginity until I was twenty. Allowing other guys to see my bare top still continues with my husbands blessing and encouragement
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Wow Bare, that's awesome. I bet I would really enjoy it if you bared them in front of me, even though neither one of us are in high school anymore. Let's add each other okay? Can't wait to see what else is in your profile.

Wow, great attitude!! Any chance ya'll might be near Atlanta, Ga? I would love to grope you, let your hubby watch if he wants to, or not, I don't care.

hello bear mine I apologize for taking so long to get to your stories, today is my lucky day. I am starting with your first story and going in progression. and stupid me I haven't even looked at your pictures yet.

hot story does your husband share you with other men i bet you are very good

very hot story and ur pic is very sexy

I too have no problem when my wife wants to show off too. makes me happy!

What a great story and what a lucky guy.

great story, very sexy and I'd love to hear and see more? Thanks!