More High School Fun

The weather was getting better and I started wearing dresses to school all the time. I was also developing a reputation for allowing guys to fondle me and remove my top. I loved to have my breasts bare and played with. In the hall between classes my blouses would get unbuttoned and sometimes my bras would get unfastened and removed. I started buying cheap bras because I rarely got them back.
One day in the lunch line I was surronded by six guys. My a-line dress was unzipped and my bra unfastened. The straps were pulled off my shoulders and down my arms and the bra dissappeared. I insisteded that they zip my dress back up and they did. The guy behind me put his hands on my waist and then started down my thighs as he worked my dress up until his hands were under it. Then he ran his hands up my thighs until they were on my waist again and my panties were in full view The other guys started rubbing my panties and legs as I made no effort to lower my dress.
My dress went higher and higher until he could grasp my bare breasts. For the next ten minutes my dress was around my armpits as my breasts and panties were in full view. We got closer to the front on the line and they allowed my dress to fall back into place. After some talk I told them I'd meet them after school at my car and would let them take my dress off.
After school I went to the library and got a couple of books then headed to the parking lot . They were waiting at the curb for me and my dress quickly became unzipped. I walked with them until I was close to my car. I unlocked the door and put my books inside. The shouldersof my dress were trying to fall off and I walked about ten feet from my car and let my dress fall to the ground. We talked for about thirty minutes as I stood there in only my sheer panties and they fondles me and sucked my breasts.
I told them I had to go and that I'd do it again sometime. I got in my car still without my dress and drove off.
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10 Responses Jan 17, 2013

A lovely way to please those boys.

wow u were so brave wif all those guyz!

sweet.... you naughty little girl

would like to get under that dress right now

Oh my gosh, that is wonderful. I hope it went farther than that. I need to read your other stories.

so would love to connect

Amazing story it is so horny.

Your would have been a very dear friend of mine if we'd been at the same school

Love your story sweetheart, very sexy. Do you have any more photos? I like your Avatar!!
I'd love to fondle and suck on your ****!

That's amazing, very excited reading the story