Tickle Me

Tickle me as you hold me down, or tie my up so i can't fight.

Tickle my feet with feathers and fingers, taking your time. Slowly tickling and torturing my sensitive soles, toes, and tops. my feet with wriggle and scrunch up, but you will pin them back and keep tickling, as I giggle and blush.

Tickle my legs and hips - the every sensitive areas that make me squirm and giggle and blush like I've never been tickled before.

Tickle my armpits - my most ticklish area. Tie me up so you can use both hands and your tongue to fully exploit my most ticklish area. Tickle me till I can't laugh anymore. Tickle me till my face is red from blushing and giggling. Tickle me till I'm too tired to fight you....

And then tickle me more....
artemisivorywings artemisivorywings
26-30, F
8 Responses Aug 22, 2013

You are not going crazy fear?
I could if you have time and desire to make a roll play


Its always wonderful to read the words of a girl who loves to be tickled so much!

thank you!

Sounds like you're lacking in tickling? :)

yes, maybe a bit

hey, add me to your circle

Sounds like an amazing offer and one that would be savored indeed ;)


just tell me when and i'd be more than happy to make this fantasy come true :)