I love to be held down and tickled

I love to be held down and tickled. I have plenty of experiences relating to the topic. There was one instance that stood out. In my senior year of high school, I was a chubby person. Unlike other people, I was considered skinny and weak. There were enemies that took advantage of me, but nothing could compare to their next idea.

I was in government class relaxing after giving a speech. The class applauded, but I never anticipated the boys sneaking up behind me. One of them grabbed my sides, and I squealed. My reaction was priceless. The boys realized that I was ticklish, and took action. When the teacher left the room, they each took an arm, and slammed me to the ground. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt because they had put pillow beneath me prior to the attack. Then, two other boys was ordered to hold down my ankles. The class cheered the boys on, which shocked me. Loyal friends had just became my enemies. The boys ******** me of my shoes and socks, and started to tickle my feet. I hollered and it excited the audience. They said stuff like "tickle him faster" and "keep going". I was in total shock, as the boys got my armpits and stomach. After a brutal tickling for about ten minutes, the teacher walked in, and saw me lying on the ground being tickled. She ordered them to release me. The boys got detention. However, something happened within me. I was no longer afraid of being tickling. After the intense tickling, I thought it couldn't get any worse.

Tickling became a fun experience for me, and I would gladly allow someone to hold me down and tickle me. There are limitations. The person who tickles me must give me breaks and a chance to go to the bathroom. They must be my friend or enemy the same or younger age as me. Adults are not allowed to tickle me, but I will allow slightly older people to tickle me. The feeling of being held down and tickled would be fun and entertaining for the audience, and I would love to try that again someday.   

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Hi I am a tickler from London... How about you send me your picture?

I love this story....I am soooooooooo ticklish, and I have a huge like for it. And I wish something like that would happen to me in school! :O

I wish that someone could tickle me right now!!! :O

Yes :D

I wish that'd happen to me.. I need a tickling buddy in california

id love that