She Dominated She Dominates Her Lesbian Lover

When I was married for the first time it was to a high flying exectutive who adored spending money, expensive clothes, the high life and having me do her bidding. Although this was not obvious at the very start of our relationship but as soon as she found out about my love of dressing up as a girl and being girly in general, she really got into her stride with me. I worked as hard as she did at work but she brought in the bigger wage, it was her flashy car that she drove us about in and so the house work, cooking and shopping became my responsibility. At first I resented this, but as she started to let me dress up at home whilst carrying out these tasks I accepted the diminished role I played. As she then started to encourage me to dress as she knew it meant that I would work harder and stop with the male things of sports and beer, I started to appriciate the role. What I didn't realise was that I was being led into a trap, a trap where I not only excepted my work for her, but actually wanted to serve her.

I would not only love carrying out the work she gave me on lists to do, but I adored painting her nails and helping her dress and shop with her too. Soon I was also wearing nail varnish full time, first only on my toes but increasingly on my finger nails too. She insisted that I had my nails french manicured even when I was at work and although my work colleagues noticed and sniggered behind my back they never challenged me directly.

When I lost my job she then insisted on me wearing colours on my nails and ensured that I kept them perfect.

During the day I would get up extra early whilst she still slept and put on my uniform, which she had purchased for me in South Africa, a place where house maids still wear them. She did not want me to wear one of those supposedly "sexy" play uniforms.

I would make her breafast, and bring it to her in bed. Then I would ensure that the shower was running and hot enough and help her get ready for the day. She would sit in bed and write a list for me, reading it to me when she had finished and then making me repeat it until she was satisfied that I knew my duties. Once she went off to work I put on my marigolds and set about cleaning the house until it was "perfect". I especially liked cleaning the loo, finding the actual act of cleaning the bowl both inside and outside whilst dressed as a maid so exciting and humiliating at the same time. Where had my manhood gone?

Once the house was perfect I would start dinner, making sure that it was exciting and very tasty as she sometimes went mad if it was not to her taste and not ready for her. Once dinner was underway, I did the washing and ironing, loving putting both our panties and lingerie in tidy piles before putting it in our drawers. I was not allowed to wear her expenive lingerie but she could not stop me touching and smelling it as I washed, dried and folded them. I used to fantasie about putting them on..and to be truthful I did sometimes but always secretly.

When she returned home I her her undress from her smart work suits, massaged her if required and got dinner ready for her. I would by then have dressed in more smart clothing, a skirt and blouse etc or a soft cashmere jumper which showed off my breasts. My clothes were either hand me downs from her or occasionally she would arrive home with a gift for me, maybe a new skirt or blouse, maybe some stockings or tights and sometimes when she was really feeling generous, a pretty or smart box, filled with tissue paper and some undies, just for. Usually that denoted that we would be making love that night and I was to wear them. I didn't know at the time that as she sit on top of me, letting me penetrate her, that she gazed down on my breast forms through my new pretty bra and kneaded them firmly, that she had a different fantasy in mind.

As time past she made me go and buy her hard core lesbian videos and I was to matubate her whilst she watched them. What was great about this was that I meekly asked her one day whether I could wear a pair of her panties whilst I did it and she shocked me by saying yes. I could not wait and the next time I was allowed to carry out my task her her whilst she watched her favourite scenes I was in a pair of her beautiful Rigby and Peller panties. When she had ***, she pulled up my skirt, moved her hand up past my stocking tops and mastubated me through her panties that i was wearing! I was in heaven and soon came right into her panties. I of coursed made sure they were washed and back in her drawer for the next time that she wanted them.

Not long after I was sacked and she moved in with a lesbian that she knew and the last time I saw them both the other girl was running around like I used to do. I am sometimes jealous of her!
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Your story is sad and kind of a bummer, are you seeking another partner to serve or trying to rebuild you life

Did she want to feminize you with hormones? Have you grow your own breasts?