House Dress, A Poem

A house dress and an apron used to be

The emblem of a housewife and her day.

That time is past, perhaps, but is for me

An honored memory in every way.


The Archetypal Housewife lives in me

A soft, domestic woman of a man.

Respectful emulation sets her free, 

So living in a house dress is my plan.


Though I know that genetics must prevail,

My service to the Goddess has begun.

To honor woman's labor as a male,

A man whose Woman's Work is never done.


And though these clothes will never change my sex,

I revel in their feminine effects.

aprilrose aprilrose
61-65, T
2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I have a nice wig, which I had professionally fitted at a wig shop. I usually wear flats,or 2" heels. Higher heels and makeup are for special days. Mostly i wear practical, feminine skirts and dresses.

My wife expects me to be feminine. I am her Obedient Sissy Housewife. I have learned to love being her sissy.