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My Hogtie Experience

The hogtied position is my favourite kind of bondage. And because I haven't "come out" and admit I love bondage so much to my girlfriend, I resort to self-bondage for now. In fact I had tried doing it several times before but I always use materials I could easily slip out of or undo so I didn't quite feel helpless that way. This time, however, I decided to use ropes that would be tight enough to prevent an easy escape. First things first, I put on a pair of tan sheer to waist very shiny pantyhose on (bondage without wearing pantyhose feels somehow incomplete to me). Then I tied my ankles together with some rope and tied a rope loop to my bound ankles which was about 20cm long. I turned over on my stomach and tied my wrists through the rope loop. In order to achieve this, I had prepared a cinch noose knot for my wrists that I passed through the rope loop that I had previously attached to my ankles. Then I placed my wrists inside the cinch noose and tightened it so that its rope would form an "8" shape around my wrists. I knew that by doing this I was getting in more serious bondage so I had two knives handy just in case. I relaxed for a couple of minutes and then began to tug at my bondage. It felt very secure and it was indeed. After spending about half an hour hogtied like this, I tried to get myself free without the use of a knife. It was futile! I was shocked and very excited at the same time! I had shiny sheer pantyhose on and I was helplessly bound in a strict hogtie. I struggled again and again but the bondage was too tight and secure that I was stuck. I rolled around and enjoyed my "damsel in distress" situation I had gotten myself into, it was more than exciting! When I had had enough, after about one hour, I used the knife and cut the ropes pretty easily. I will definitely do it again, it's such a rush!
lockedheels lockedheels 31-35, M 4 Responses Aug 18, 2011

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I recently decided to relive this experience but even better! More to follow in a separate story very soon :-)

wow that sounds amazing , but the only thing is i cant never do self bondage it seems to hard to do, but i love to do that to my wife , i love to hogtie my wife i use ziptes or hand and legcuffs flexcuffs rope , and my loves to hogtie me i love to be hogtied especially wit hnothing but duct tape thats what my wife uses all the time and to add insult to injury she uses girly colored duct tape like pink , purple, hello kitty duct tape and things like that

Reading that got me really excited. I'd love to do that.

I would love to be placed in that position dressed in heels locked to my feet and dressed in mini skirt and top and left dor a little while.