But It's Terrible When It's Wrong

The last time I was in love, it was a year of unrelenting pain. He was far away, and I couldn't get there, and when i tried, he was somewhere else. I could feel his love when we talked, and the beautiful things he said to me, but the pain of distance was like a black claw in my chest, and I can't relate all the times I cried for the pain of it.

And, when it finally crashed at it's inevitable, ugly conclusion, I was left hollow and whistling in the wind like a broken reed. I learned not to trust love in all its blindness and nuzzling need like a baby at the barren breast. I learned to kill it before it starts and save the integrity of my heart.
joesdog joesdog
41-45, M
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

wow for a minute there i thought i wrote this its my life write now expert he is there for me he is just far away