Cant Live Without It

In psychology, it is said  that  if a person needs love, and cannot live without love, its because they were constantly neglected as a child. but in my case, that is not true. i received a lot of love being the youngest in the family. But in this point of my life i still crave it, i want it with me at all times. I know how to maintain myself independent and i do not need the help of a man to help me in any kind of way. but i still need and crave that feeling of being loved and knowing that im with someone that loves me just as much. sadly i still not have found that person. i was so close to having him, but i stupidly let him go for someone else. i guess that is my punishment for letting something and someone so good to me go.
clowny93 clowny93
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1 Response Jan 23, 2012

dog, I think ya missed the point of the story.<br />
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*sigh*<br />
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Not punishment. Just a consequence, you know? Learn. That's all.