Lets Kiss In The Rain ...

I love to be kissed in the rain... I love to be touched in the rain... I love to be held in the rain... I love to be loved in the rain... I love to cry in the rain... I love to sing sad songs in the rain... & most of all, I love to purify my heart in the rain...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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24 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I agree :)

Rain is sign of Romance.

How romantic and exciting! No doubt why you like kissing in the rain :)

Last Fall, my wife and I had cattle get into a neighboring pasture, and they needed to be moved. We didn't beat the storm, but got the cattle moved, and were soaked by the time that we were through. Back at the house, we ********-down naked, and MUCH to my surprise, my 48 yo wife slapped my naked butt while I was bent over, and took off running across the yard. When I finally caught her, we kissed, and touched, and used the rain to wash the mud off one another. How exciting and youthful-feeling. We then went into a warm shower, entwined our bodies under the warm spray, then made love for an hour and lay naked on each other reading for the rest of the day. You could say I DO like kissing in the rain! - Rain Storm

So wet .. So nice ..

That sounds good. A nice long passionate kiss in the rain.

what about the nipples when our clothes gettin' wet of the rain? .... see through XD

Yeah sweety .. I really love the rain ;)

Kisssesss + butterfly Kissessss Luv ! Suga ;)

Awe ,with you too Sugar!...X

love is the most important than anything. Kissing means nothing to me without love, Im with you Sugar ...

I lov this too,nice story Dolly ..Kissed in the rain in a magical garden :) and the warm sun rises!water can be so sensual.bath tub,ocean,water fall,river.as someone is caressing you in lov.. :)

Wow! You made Illinois sounds like heaven for me ;)

Come to Glen Ellyn (Illinois) and FIND Me.<br />
(DRESS in a dress, though....OR I'll be "incapable" of Trusting You.)<br />
THEN, I WILL- at YOUR Bidding Me- Love You "in the rain", Touch You "in the rain', Hold you "in the rain" AND<br />
sing 'sad songs' to you "in the rain'. (Provided "we" can Go Indoors AFTERWARDS 'so we don't CATCH COLD "in the rain".)<br />
silkpantygirl sends "love".

Yeah ,, Kiss in the rain is totally amazing ;)

So beautiful & wise. <br />
I couldnt really agree more.

rain is life :) I cant live without rain ....

you know everything you said was really very romantic, but the most thing I like is "I love to purify my heart in the rain"...it's so beautiful...the rain purify our bodies, souls, hearts and minds.

I think I do :) <br />
what about you ?

of course i do & totally agree before my story is gonna be flagged unappreciated lol ..

it's4 here but am lol <br />
and i'm doing what u recommended ;)<br />
i've such great imagination, have u ?

omg! it's raining here too, but i'm in black satin pajama lol !

That's why I love the rain :)

being kissed in the rain is just absolutly romantic, and just being in the rain is amazing