I Get Lost Sometimes In A Kiss

Don't you find that true? When it is a man i love and i get that first kiss or the next of many many passionate kisses, it takes me to a different world in his arms. It feels like time stops, as he is all who matters and nothing else exists for those moments. I can feel that way in his arms too. All kisses are a spark of life, whether they are just a peck or a true and real kiss. They all count, they all matter and they all give you a feeling of love in your heart that is so beautiful. I love the kisses from my closest family and little babies who are so innocent and sweet. But i know this post is meant about romantic kissing. The kind of kisses that get your blood racing faster and heart thumping harder and just make you feel loved and wanted all over. It is a great feeling and i love it :) xox kisses :)

phatnhapi phatnhapi
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2 Responses Dec 31, 2010

Thank you sweetie. Yes i agree. Kisses keep the affection alive and kindle the passion within both of you. Ohhh such a tender moment kissing your newborn baby.. i remember that well too. I kiss my grandbabies when they are looking angelic in sleep too as they look so irresistable. Passion belongs with the person you love for sure! Get that hot blood boiling and stir up somethin great!

Word of absolute wisdom my dear! Kisses are the foundation of ANY relationship. Even the first kiss a mother gives to her new born baby. When I kiss my lover, I put my whole self behind it. Passionate is the only true wat to kiss the person you love :)

ohhh soooo wonderful my lovely laughtereverafter :) Passion is the magic of life! Kisses are warm and special and bring you close and keep you close. It should be everyone's goal to become a great kisser ..lolol :) muahhhh xoxoxooxox