The Lovers First Kiss

That moment when it happens for the first time is always a shock to the system. No amount of planning, no amount of preparation can ease the nervous energy that builds inside of you before that first passionate kiss. Each new lover is different and the feeling of that first intimate contact always gives you something new and special when the passion finally expresses itself with physical contact. It may be the begining of a longer interlude between to people, it may itself be the culmination of the evening, it may be the answer to a burining question that has haunted you since you first laid eyes on her but the first kiss will tell you much while at the same time bringing the promise of more questions and more answers to come.
You tingle as your hands caress her face. The smell of her hair is intoxicating and the twinkle in her eyes drives you onward. Close now, your bodies are awash with desire and your lips brush hers gently. All of your precious planning is thrown out the window...the moment will determine how the kiss proceeds. Short and friendly perhaps? Long and aching for more? A resolution or a begining? That is the magic of that first kiss. The magic we all strive to recapture with every moment.
confusedandlost2 confusedandlost2
41-45, M
Sep 24, 2012