Just A Kiss

I sit on the counter top and I look at him from across the kitchen. He smiles that knowing smile, with that hint of shyness as he looks me in the eye. I bite the edge of my lip slightly, but still maintain my stare. As he walks towards me, I feel that familiar heat below, making me feel vulnerable to his mutual desire. When he reaches me, he doesn't hold back. He puts his fingers through my hair and then grabs a fist full with both hands, pulling me to him. His lips push mine open for his tongue to mingle with mine.  I spread my legs to fit his body between them, wrapping them around him to pull him closer.

That's all I want. Just a kiss. Is that too much to ask?
RhombusInTheSquare RhombusInTheSquare
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12 Responses Dec 21, 2012

Very Sexy. I'd love to be on that same receiving end.

so romantic

meri abhi tak koi girl friend hi nhi he jo hame iske bare me abhi expiryanc nhi he ke kitna maza ata he agar koi girl friend mili to ham dono yha ayge ok

That is a great short story. Lots of erotica.

Kiss is a silent message :)

I often kiss my GF like that. passionatly.

Hot and sensual. Love it! That's how every kiss should be.

amazing,please write more

Now that was amazing. You just made me long for my BF.

Wow!!!! I am excited to hear some women still enjoy being kissed. My wife has not been receptive to my kiss in years. I wish I could generate that passion in my marriage. Thanks for sharing.

...haven't been kissed like this...well...god knows how long...

Me either :(

Oh my god, this kind of kiss made me drool.^^

It would be nice, wouldn't it?