The Truth About It!

I have heard that there are a lot of women who dress with a little sexual provocation in abstraction, and then hate it when other men look at them. It seems both ignorant and hypocritical.

I like to be looked at, and of the clique of friends I hang out with I love to be looked at, desired, by them, and I do provoke interesting statements!

My friends Olivier and Robert both like to take photos of me, and I have hundreds they have taken. It is at times challenging but it is fun!
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5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Getting attention is awesome, just make sure that you value yourself based on other things. We all grow old one day...

I dress to feel attractive for myself, and others. When I am feeling fine it shows and people warm to me and are friendly. A man can look at me and it is nice and then another man can 'look' at me and make me feel like shoving my stiletto up his arse. Much depends on the look given and what that look infers

That is a fine line to judge, I know a case where the subject informed the authorities and prosecuted a breach of the peace, the viewer unable to defend himself, how could he, now has a criminal record.

I admit I am hypocriical about that. But there is a difference between being appreciated and being ogled.

Glad to hear there are some women who don't think I;m weird because I look at them. Thank you for makeing me feel loads better.

De rien!