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Some women are going about trying to keep and find a good man the wrong way! With all the single independent ladies some have lost the essence of being a true lady. Some women have become so independent that men no longer feel needed.  If you have a genuine and truly good man, then you should learn to treat him like a good man. Ladies now you know if your man does not fit into this category and if that’s the case then keeping holding out for the good one.  Don’t take the subpar loving and half way gestures of love that you may give him as enough to really sustain him and your relationship. I’ve learned that anything worth while in life is worth fighting for. When going into this fight you both must be able to know that everyday is not going to be happy, but there is know one else in the world you would rather be unhappy with then your mate. Unhappy times don’t last forever.
            As I get older I see how fast life goes by and that we should slow down some time and actually enjoy the daily blessings that we are given whether big or small; each blessing should be cherished. We have all been guilty of living life too fast instead of living in the moment. Laughter has healing power and you should be with a person that you can laugh with. Once the looks fade and you get older laughter will be the thing to keep your sprits up.
 I say all that to say this. Don’t get too comfortable that you forget that a man has feelings and emotions just like we do. They may express them differently but they to have pain and cry even the strongest man will be humbled and brought to his knees! Ladies you must love your man the right way cook for him when he gets home if you can. Rub his chest and back and always let him know he’s your MAN and the joy he brings to you belongs to only YOU. By being a lady in streets but a open minded willing to please sex goddess in the sheets! It’s true what they say a man does want this from his woman. He wants his woman to excite and entice him from just a rub. Or a thought of what you two did the night before brings his man hood to a rise. Men are very visual individuals and if you can be sexy and believe in yourself you can turn him on with just a smile.
            No, a relationship should not be based on sex, but you should have a strong enough chemistry that when you two have that moment all is forgiven. And you two can look each other in the eye and talk about how to solve any issues that may arise. Life is not a walk in the park that you just stroll through and smell the beautiful flowers. Life has hills and tough terrain that requires that right equipment to survive what ever may be thrown your way. A little tenderness goes along way learn to be submissive without losing yourself. You must pick your battles wisely and some things are just not worth fighting over. When two people are together they will not always agree on the same things. So agree to disagree and move on. Don’t hold on to long to unnecessary things. 
            As women we need to take a few pointers from our elder wise women and learn to take care of your man. Without treating him like a child but treating him like you are a nurturer and caring woman that wants to thank her man for being such a good man.

I ask the heavenly father to bless every ear that read this, and every heart that has received it. Amen….
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RJJohnson RJJohnson
Aug 1, 2010