No Chance Mistaking Me

I have hidden my real self behind a nicely trimmed beardfor more than 40 years and n I'm not going to shave it off so i have to be a lady only in the bedroom. My wife and I make love like two leabians using our fingers and tounges to play with. It helps that I have ED and C cup breasts.  I have to be careful not to wear tight shirts but my EP picture might just be mistaken for a lady if I didn't post as a TG
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70+, T
6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

It's great to see you so positive and making the most of what you now have, and now enjoy!

Great story and great icon. If you and your wife are a happy couple then you are doing everything right. And good for you. The rest of the world doesn't need to know your bedroom activities or personal proclivities , however, I appreciate that you've shared them with us.

I'm glad you are happy. It seems you and your wife have adjusted well to your new situation. This is probably a silly question, but with a beard, I expect you use the public men's room and when you do, can you use the urinal or do you need to sit to pee? Thank you for being so open about this situation.

Of course I use the mens room and always go in the stalls to sit and pee. I have no visible means by which to urinate. I dribble out of my vulva and wipe like a woman should. I always wear a panty liner in my panties just to be safe. I really prefer being a woman. no performance worries and no clean up after *******. I do love my breasts and jilling the way a woman does.

iam jealous your changing looks so so perfect do oyu have some pics of your clitty wish to see you and your wife togehther .be happy with your lesbian wif ei wish to be in your body with your gfantastic wife kisses for boath

Your picture looks great. Would like to see more pics of you.

I prefer the privacy of email send me yours on my white board and i will trade pics with you.

I don't wish cancer on anyone, but I'm happy that you are having a good time with your changing body.

The cancer seems to be in remission. My testerone is at the bottom of the range and estrogen is near the top so I guess that qualifies me as a woman. better that than dead. I kind of enjoy it Now Ican jill off with no performance worries and no mess and it\'s lots more intense than jacking the old way. You ought to try it.