. I consider myself very lucky in that I am in my late 40's and can still pass as a woman if I dress like a woman of my age rather than a disco bunny (those days are sadly long gone). I am fortunate in that I keep slim by regular workouts, runs and my passion fo playing football (soccer). Being a little over 5'7'' also means I do not tend to stand out when dressed and I usually wear flat boots when out rather than then heels. I never could be bothered walking with heels when out. Recently, I started venturing out again after a while dressing inside with my wife so it is most pleasing to know that I can still pull it off. A couple of recent ventures out have resulted with me being regarded as a woman. Winter is a good time because a decent coat helps hide all sorts of things. Good make-up that is descreet also helps. I just love it when someone talks to me as if I am a woman, it is unfortunate thatI can't always talk like one.
wetrev wetrev
46-50, M
Jan 8, 2013