The Nude Beach Gets Better And Better!

I headed to Miami for the weekend to hit the nude beach. I spotted three women sitting in beach chairs getting up and going into the water. I quickly set up my towel directly in front of their chairs. When they came out of the water, I was nude and laying face up with my feet towards their chairs. They were all topless but wearing bikini bottoms.

As they walked by, they were looking down at me. This immediately got me excited. As they sat down on their chairs, my **** started getting very hard. They were all just staring at my package as it began to rise straight up. When I felt myself fully erect, I propped up on my elbows so I could see their expressions. They were smiling ear to ear so I smiled back. I laid back down and just enjoyed the sensation of these women admiring my erection.

Whenever it went down, all I had to do was open my eyes and see them looking at me, and then bam, hard again almost instantly! I did not speak to them, but heard them talking about me. They were whispering, but I could hear what they were saying. One of them was saying that she had hoped to see a ***** at the nude beach, but never expected one right in front of her. The other women agreed. This made me so excited to hear them talking about my erection that I just stayed rock hard.

I heard them giggle a few times as they snapped a few pictures of me with their phones. One of the women said to the others,"This is unbelievable!". I heard one of the others say that she's texting the picture to their friend Kelly. This was so thrilling to know that the picture was going to another woman. Apparently their friend Kelly immediately texted back. I could hear them reading the response of "Wow!, Why don't you get a picture with him?". They spoke louder as they read this so that I could hear them. I propped up on my elbows and looked at them. One of them says, "I guess you could hear that." I said that I heard part of it. I asked them, "was that referencing me?". One of them said yes and that their friend, that couldn't come on the trip, didn't believe that they were at a nude beach and wanted pictures to prove it. She then asked me if I would pose with her friends so that she could send a photo to their other friend. At this point, I was rock hard and so excited. I immediately said yes so I stood up.

I'm now facing the 3 women, pointing my erection directly at them at eye level. I asked if it was okay the way that I was, meaning erect. The one with the camera said, "oh yah, definitely...that's perfect!". She was also the better looking of the three. The other two women got up from their chairs and stood on both sides of me. I put my arms around them as they covered their breasts with their hands. My erection was so hard that it was angled up at about 45 degrees. The one with the camera snapped a few pictures and then reviewed them in her phone. She said,"that's great, now I want one with him, but different.". She handed her phone to her friend and said, "I want one a little more daring for me.". She reached down and pulled off her bikini bottoms, exposing her perfectly shaven body. As I looked up her nice body, my erection bobbed as it got even harder. She walked over next to me and put her arm around my waist. She pulled me tightly against her as she reached around my waist, resting her hand on my thigh, just inches from my raging hardon. She said, "this will be a good one.". Her friend snapped the picture. After the picture was taken, she let go of my waist and introduced herself. Her name was Nancy. I told her that I was Rob and that it was great meeting her.

The three of them returned to their chairs. Nancy remained naked. I laid back down, but this time on my stomach facing them. Nancy sat back in her chair and slowly spread her legs, giving me a perfect view. Her lips slightly parted as they glistened in the sunlight. She was definitely purposely showing me her most private area as she began to text the first photo to her friend. Almost immediately her friend responded. The other women anxiously asked,"what did she say?". Nancy laughed and said, "She's asking if he's single!". They all laughed and then Nancy looked at me and said, "Well?". I laughed and said yes. She smiled ear to ear.

Next thing I know, Nancy stands up grabbing her towel from the chair, and she says to me, "Mind if I join you on the sand?". Before I could even respond, she was spreading her towel next to mine. She placed her towel touching mine so that there was no sand between them. As she laid back, her oiled up body rubbed up against mine. She turned and smiled at me and asked, "So do you live here?". I told her yes and asked where they were from and where they were staying. She told me that they were from North Carolina and staying just up the beach at the Trump Hotel.

One of the other women stood up and said, "I'm ready to head back to the hotel. The other woman said, "Me too. Nancy?". Nancy looked at her friends and said, "I'm going to stay awhile and get more sun.". I thought to myself, YES! As her friends packed up their chairs, I rolled over onto my back so that I could give them one last look at me. I was only partially erect from laying on my stomach, but quickly became hard again as they looked at me while they were folding up their chairs. As they were getting ready to leave, Nancy handed her phone to one of them and said, "Get a picture of Rob and I laying here.". Her friend moved around to our feet to frame up the shot. Nancy and I both propped up on our elbows and faced her friend with the camera phone. My package was hard, but laying to the side. Her friend snapped the picture, handed the phone back, and said, "We'll see you back at the hotel. Nice meeting you Rob. Thanks for the photos.". I said goodbye and settled back onto the towel.

Nancy says to me that she is so happy that she braved it and came to the nude beach. I told her that I love the nude beach and come here when ever I have the chance. She says to me, "I never thought that I would meet someone at a nude beach." I said that it definitely makes it interesting. Nancy asks me if I would answer a personal question. Sure I'll try. She says that she has no frame of reference, having never been to a nude beach, but was curious if I was always hard when at this beach. I said no, but it's hard to sometimes control, especially when I'm around someone as beautiful as her. She smiled and blushed, and said, "Well I must say, I like what I see.". I smiled and said me too, as I slowly scanned her body from her perky breast down to her moist spot between her legs. She smiled and stared right at my package. I was hard but not fully erect and it was laying to the side. As she continued to stare, it slowly began to stand up and point to the sun. She giggled and said, "That is so cool!".

We continued laying there for about another hour. She sat up and asked if I wanted to go back to the hotel pool. I said sure, so we got up and started packing up. She asked me if I had brought a bathing suit. I pulled out my skimpy speedo(that of course has the lining cut out) out of my back pack and asked, "Is this okay?". She smiled and said sure. So I slipped on the speedo, pulled some shorts over them, and put my shirt on. We started walking down the beach towards the hotel.

On the way, she called her friends and asked if they were at the pool. They said yes and that they were by the jacuzzi and would save two chairs. As we got to the hotel, we went up the stairs towards the pool. There are several pools, so I did not see her friends right away. Nancy knew where the jacuzzi was and headed around the corner. As we made the turn, I spot her friends next to the jacuzzi. There were 2 chairs between the two of them. To my surprise and excitement, there were also 6 other women in the chairs surrounding them. It was later in the day and the only ones around the pool were women...and me! Nancy and I Put our things down on the chairs. She asked me if I wanted to go into the jacuzzi. I said yes, but had to use the restroom. Her friend pointed to where the bathrooms were, and I said that I would be right back.

After trying to maintain an erection for the past several hours, I knew my member was not going to cooperate as much in my speedo as it did on the nude beach. This is when I depend on a little help. First, I took a viagra, secondly I massaged myself until I was about 80% hard, then I slipped on an elastic ring around my package that will keep it hard.

When I got back to the pool, Nancy had already headed to the jacuzzi. I pulled off my shirt and slipped off my shorts. Her friends were checking me out. One of them said, "Nice suit.". I said thanks and headed to the jacuzzi. As I walked past the pool towards the jacuzzi, I could see that some of the other women were checking me out. This is always exciting to me, and I began getting harder. The ring keeps me hard and allows me to get harder when I get excited. As I approached the jacuzzi, Nancy looked up and saw that I was erect under my speedo. The speedo holds my package to the side, so it doesn't necessarily look like I have an erection, but makes me look big. She smiled as I entered the water. It was a perfect 95 degrees. It felt so good as my speedo got wet and clung to me. I settled in next to Nancy.

After a few minutes, the sun dipped down behind the hotel and a slight chill filled the air. Almost instantly, her friends quickly walked to the jacuzzi. At the same time, several women around the pool began getting dressed. Four of the women got up and headed towards us. I'm now sitting in the jacuzzi with Nancy and her two friends, with four other women heading our way. They entered the jacuzzi and sat back. One of them said, "wow, did it get cold all of a sudden.". I said that it sure did, good thing for the jacuzzi. They laughed. All of the girls started talking small talk asking where they were from. One of them asked me where I was from. Before I could respond, Nancy said, "Oh, I picked him up at the nude beach!". They all giggled, and the one asked, "Seriously?". Nancy says yes. The four women had expressions of disbelief. One asks, "There's a nude beach Here?". Nancy says yes, just right down the beach from here. The four women all started saying to each other that they should check it out tomorrow. One of them asked Nancy if you have to go nude. She responded that you can wear a suit if you want and that no one seemed to mind either way. Nancy went on to say that they initially just went topless, but she went all the way to nothing, after she had met me. One of them looked at me and asked, "So you were nude when you met them?". I said yes. They giggled and still couldn't believe it.

Nancy says that the water is hot and she stands up and out of the water, sitting on the side. I agreed and slowly stood up. The viagra was kicking in and my erection was going strong. As I raised out of the water, my speedo clung tightly to my erection and balls. With the lining cut out, they pretty much look painted on, leaving nothing to the imagination. They could clearly see the outline of my member. The four women that had joined us were now staring right at my bulging package as I sat on the side of the jacuzzi. Nancy's friends also stared, even though they had seen it before. I'm now facing six women with my very erect package right at their eye level. What a thrill!

One of the women asked Nancy if they were going to the nude beach tomorrow. Nancy responded, "Sadly no, we leave in the morning.". The woman then asked, "So you just walk down the beach to get there?". I responded back yes, it's to the right about a half mile. She asks, "Will you be there tomorrow?". I respond, "Yes. I usually set up near the third life guard tower.". Nancy gripped my leg hard as I'm saying this. I'm thinking to myself, maybe a sign of jealousy? The four women start to get out of the jacuzzi. The one that was asking me the questions, looks back and smiles at me and says, "Maybe we'll see you tomorrow.". I smiled back as Nancy puts a death grip on my thigh. Nancy's friends begin to get out and say that they are going to get ready for dinner. Nancy says that she'll be right up. As they left, one turned to me and said, "Nice meeting you. Thanks for the unforgettable photo.". I told them that it was nice meeting them and to enjoy their night.

As her friends left the pool area, Nancy says to me, "You jerk! Flirting with other women when you have a sure thing right here!", then she laughed. She says, "I'm just kidding, but you're mine tonight!", as she runs her hand over my stiffy and leans towards me and begins kissing me. She says, "It's our last night, so I have to go out to dinner with my friends, but I have about an hour before they'll be ready. Is your hotel close?". I said yes, just about 3 hotels down. She says, "Let's go...NOW!". We quickly dried off and headed to the beach towards my hotel.

As we entered my room, Nancy said that we should take a shower. I agreed and we headed to the shower. As soon as we got into the bathroom, she pulled off her bathing suit in a flash and jumped in the shower. I remembered that I had my elastic ring on, so I turned my back to her as I pulled off my speedos and slipped off the ring with out her noticing. As a result of the viagra, and having the ring on, I was pretty much fully erect as I stepped into the shower. She had already rinsed off and pulled me under the shower head. The water ran down my stomach, rinsing off my man parts. Nancy reached around me with the soap and began rubbing it on my very swollen member. After soaping it good and getting it extra hard, she had me rinse it off. As the clear water flowed down my stomach and over my now very clean erection, Nancy slowly dropped down to her knees and put me in her mouth. She very slowly sucked on me, as her hands fondled my balls. She alternated between having me in her mouth and running her puckered lips down my member as though she was brushing her teeth with me. I nearly exploded every time that she got to the head. After about 5 minutes of this, she turns off the shower, grabs a towel and heads to the bed. As I'm drying off, she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs. I could see that she was already very aroused and moist. She waves her finger at me to come here. As I approached the bed, she pulled me on top of her and said, "I'm ready for you now.". That's all I needed to hear. I got on top of her and she quickly reached under and grabbed my erection and thrust it into her. She was incredibly wet. I easily slid between her moist lips. I began to thrust back and forth, but slowly. She grabbed my *** and pulled me tightly in. Her hand reached around to touch my balls as I went in and out of her. She passionately kissed me with her tongue. I was going crazy trying not to explode. She knew that I was close and told me to not hold back. I began to thrust harder and knew that it would not be long. She was arching her back and began to make a lot of verbal noises. She then said, "Yes, yes...oh...I'm *******...". She lets out a shriek of enjoyment. and kind of settles back. She says to me, "Okay, now it's your turn. Get on your back.". I flip over on my back. I was so close to ******* that I knew it was going to happen quickly. She grabbed my member and began stroking it. I was as hard as I would ever get as she jerked me up and down. She saw the enjoyment that she was providing me and says, "I've been thinking about seeing you blow a load all day. I wanted to do this to you on the beach earlier.". With a few more strokes, I sent out a gushing fountain of *** that must have shot at least several feet into the air. She continued to stroke it and I came again, this time with less force but more content. My member was just flowing like an erupting volcano. She stoked and squeezed every drop out. I was exhausted but very happy!

We laid there for a few minutes and then she jumped up and headed to the shower. She said, "I've got to go.". We embraced at the door of my room before she left. I told her that she was amazing and that I had an incredible time. She said, "Me too. Never expected this. I'm sorry I won't be here tomorrow to join you on the beach.". I said me too. I asked her if she wanted to keep in touch. She responded, "No. I can't. It's complicated. But I'll always remember you...and I have our beach picture to remember you by.". I said that I understood and we said goodbye. What an incredible day, and I have the other four women to look forward to on the beach the next day!

To be continued...

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Cute story. Very rarely have I seen men erect, usually only the little boys...

A great story, Thank you for posting :-)