I love to be in just a bra and nothing else....just freeeee! Lol
Rayven1997 Rayven1997
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Did u try the palms bra.

May as well dispatch with the bra!

Well if you're still wearing a bra, that's not being free. Your boobs are still being confined. Remove the bra too, and be totally free. That feels even better!


using a bra too long actually causes cancer

haha me too

Remove it also and join our nudist community.

I just don't wear anything


why just a bra,? i had to ask, I walk around my house fully naked all day, it natural and personally i dont care who sees, i love the feeling of being nude too after all is this not how we came in to this world

Idk lol they r bouncy lol

well yea boobes have a tendency to do that unless flat chested

lol trust me balls flop around too, but dont make me want to ear underware, they was ment to be free too

Yeah true

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Why just a bra? Most of the women I've known over the years their bra was the first thing they wanted to get rid of.

I love being totally naked and dont put clothes on if I can get away with it . All my friends , neighbours and lots of strangers have seen me nude . I dont get embarrassed easily and like being seen nude.

Nice :)