Naked In Front Of My Buddy's Wife

In the Army, I was staying at a buddy's place who had gotten out earlier. When we were in, one time a group of us went skinny dipping and he had his wife there who also got naked. We were at the edge of the water when a wave came up and started carrying her out. She grabbed onto me and I was able to hold her against being carried out. It was nice having contact with a naked female, since being in the Army means you didn't have much of a chance to be with women.

Anyway, she rather liked me, I guess because I was a nice guy and her husband treated her rather poorly. I had bought a few pairs of trousers, and they were a bit too long so she said she would hem them up for me. A few days later, she said she had finished them. We were in the bedroom where I stayed, and her husband wasn't home. She told me I should try the one pair on to see how they fit. She handed them to me. I looked them over and told her they looked good, she had done a good job. I was kind of waiting for her to leave the room so I could try them on. She just stood there as I looked them over, then said "why don't you try them on?" I said "ok" rather slowly. She still stood there so I figured what the hell? I lay the trousers on the bed, unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. I wasn't wearing any underwear. She just stood there without saying a word. So now I was totally naked standing in front of her. What a turnon!

I picked up the new pair, slowly pulled them on as she watched. I got them up to where my **** and balls were hanging out against the zipper, then reached down and made a bit of a show lifting them up to put them inside the trousers. I zipped them up, then turned around and walked a couple of feet to see how they were. She said they looked like they were just the right length. I agreed.

Then, she said "I have the other three I hemmed on the clothesline, why don't you try them on also?" She went outside to get them. I was pretty worked up by what was happening, so I took off the pair I was wearing while she got the other pairs, so I was naked when she came back in. I repeated the try on routine with each of the three pairs, pulling them up to just under my **** and balls, then reaching down with one hand to lift them slowly up and into the pants, figuring that would focus her eyes on my genitals. I was right in that I was watching her face and could see her eyes were looking down right at my penis and balls the whole time.

All of them fit perfect, so I told her thanks, then once again took them off to put my original jeans back on. That was pretty much all that happened, but it was such a huge rush standing there naked in front of her, while she was fully clothed.

A great memory. I have a few other times being naked in front of women who weren't a wife or girlfriend. I'll write those up later.
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Did she ever talk to you about it again, or set you up for a repeat show?

Another time we all went skinny dipping when I got out of the Army. I married her best friend and the 4 of us went way back into the mountains to a hot spring and we all got naked. Loved seeing my buddy get to see my wife naked, and of course loved being naked in front of his wife.

Later on, 5 of us (my wife and I, her husband and her, and another friend from the Army) all went skinny dipping once in a back yard pool. I got off on having my Army friend see my wife and also her naked. I got out of the pool to take some Super 8 movies so she could see me walking around naked.

The best thing was years later when she separated from her husband. We were all partying and my wife went to take a nap. I was tasked for a beer run and she volunteered to go with me. We were both pretty drunk and on the way back I had to pee so pulled over in a dark area (kind of in the country) and got out. We both peed then got back in the car and started making out. I was feeling her ***** and begging to let me taste it. She said she couldn't because she couldn't stop if we started. I kept begging and all of a sudden, she bent over, unzipped my pants and pulled my **** out. The second she licked it, I started *******. She swallowed it, then we realized we had better get back with the beer. My wife had woken up and wondered where we were at. The people covered by saying (truthfully) that we had gone to get some more beer. Lots of fun, but a close call.

Great experiences, thanks for sharing these!