I Guess No One Cared

I went to go check on my post office box one summer afternoon. Everyone had left me behind because I didn't have enough vacation time. It was the new normal to get less pay and work more hours I guess. I was angry about getting all the errands done before heading home, so I made the weekly trip to the post office box the last thing on my list. By this time, the sun was going down and most people were on their way home. To my surprise, there was no one at the post office. Usually, there was a lot of people there. I was sweating profusely from the hot evening sun. The shirt and tie routine was too much.Since there was no one around, I dropped the shirt and tie in the back seat. For good measure, I dropped the trousers, shoes, and socks in the back as well. I usually don't wear boxers, but these boxers looked like shorts. Thus, I went inside the post office to check my mail. As expected there was nothing in the mailbox. I went back to the car and started driving home. As I drove home, I started thinking that I should put the shirt and tie back on before getting to the house. Thus, I stopped in front of one of the office parks. To my surprise, the office park had a FOR LEASE sign. The business that was usually there had moved. I got out and tried to get dressed. As I reached for my clothes in the back seat, I discovered that I could not reach the clothes. I popped out of the car and opened the door to the back seat. By this time, I was sweating like a pig. Since the business had closed, I took off the t-shirt and boxers. I popped open the hatchback and sat there until I cooled off. I don't know how long I sat there. I just didn't want to go home, yet. As the sun started to sink in the horizon, I finally got dressed and drove home. As I pulled out of the office park, I noticed that the industrial plant across the street was being renovated. There were workers there. I blushed as they stood there looking at me suspiciously. I guess I wasn't alone after all...
kudzu41999 kudzu41999
41-45, M
Jan 19, 2013