In Th Epark -naked !

I love to go to the park near my house in Dallas and when it's dark or really rainy(since Dallasites hate anything that will get their clothes dirty or hair wet)  noone is there.I just ***** it all off and take along walk .Usually I leave my clothes in a secluded spot and go completely vulnerable - I love that felling that someone could catch me or might see....sometimes when it rains theres a traffic bridge i like to stand near and cavort naked enjoy the rain sensuously flowing over my naked form...I suspect they like it too  they can see me from the bridge very clearly!!!! I love that feeling of others watching...

harry s moss


siddartha67 siddartha67
41-45, M
3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I love being nude in the rain! It's very freeing somehow and feels damn good too. Would love to try it with someone else

who cares if its exhibitionistic or not! enjoy it!!?!?

I would love to watch. Some bodies are meant to be free, where ever they are. Mine, I love to be naked at home, when no one is around. This say that the body is beautiful and should be at ease. My mistress loves to play with me at odd places, like anywhere public or not. She say she is not an exibitionous, but I sure do wonder.