My Second Time Naked Outside

At the hottest day of this year I decided to go outside and sunbath in the park nude. I noticed that there was nobody outside on the streets before I left my apartment, so I packed a bag with my towel, a book and short and with just a long polo shirt on I went outside. The shirt didn't cover my butt or penis completely but from a distance it would only look strange. When I came through a very quiet neighborhood on my way to the park I took a good look around and didn't see anybody outside or in their houses so I decided to take of my shirt too and walk naked to the park. It felt great but also scary because I could get caught. It is illegal here to be naked outside. But I just walked to the park and when I arrive there nobody was in the park. I went to a small hill about 2 meters high with high grass in the middle of a big field and lay down and enjoyed the sun. I got one scare when a dog ran up the hill and passed me by but the owner didn't follow. After a couple of hours it was cooling down a little and more people came to the park. I was afraid of sunburn so I put on my shirt only and went home. I got some strange looks from people because I was only wearing the shirt but that was it. I really enjoyed laying in the sun naked and not being bothered.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I like that you walked to the park with just a shirt. I have done something similar. I used to walk my dog around my neighborhood after dark wearing only a long t-shirt, but my shirt covered my butt and penis because I would almost always meet people. I didn't care what strangers thought, and I was known by my neighbors to wear very short shorts frequently so I figured that if anyone I knew saw me, they would just assume I was wearing shorts under my shirt.