A Naked Walk In The Uk

Last September I spend a week with friends in the UK and on a sunny day decided to take a walk around the canals and see the countryside. I had checked the map before and found what looked like a nice place spend some time naked. So I walk the canals and found the place I had seen on the map. I walk thru the bushes and came at a nice secluded pond out of the wind and in the full sun. So I took of my clothes and enjoyed the sun. I spend a couple of hours there naked trying to make some pictures of the dragonflies flying there. There were people passing on the other side of the bushes and even one that walked up the entrance but he only took a leak. It was a shame it was so busy by the canal or I would have tried a naked walk by the canal too. After this nice stay at the pond I put on my short and walked up the canal till I found a public footpath going thru the field and took off my clothes again and had a nice naked stroll done the empty fields. I felt great, just me naked in nature and making some nice pictures. I was able to be naked outside for hours and I wish I could do that all the time but it is illegal in Holland, so I have to do it without being seen.
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Dec 2, 2012