My Second Naked Walk In The Uk

During my last visit to the UK I wanted to take a naked walk and I remembered a nice quiet place, close to where I stayed. So I walked out of town, up a busy public footpath and after a while it became quiet. I then reached the forest I had planned to spend a naked afternoon. I took of my clothes and just walked in the small forest, the sun was hiding behind the leaves but it was warm enough. I walked all the paths up to the big road on the other side and after that I went to a farm field next to the forest and sit down in the sun and red my book. Except for some flies I was completely alone the whole time. I feel so much more in tune with nature when I don't wear clothes, it was a great experience. I love those English public footpaths, out of season and during the week hardly anybody goes there, so nice to take naked walks. Next year I will see on which paths I can take a naked walk again.
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Dec 2, 2012