Places to Get Naked

I do love to be nude outdoors. Most of the time it's on beaches or in our secluded garden. Not just lying in the sun, but being active - walking on the beach, playing beach sports or gardening. In our garden, which isn't overlooked by neighbours, I'm comfortable being naked on my own, with family or with close friends. On beaches I need the company of family or  friends and I like most other people to be naked too. I definitely have strong exhibitionist tendancies, enjoy attention and being watched, but not enough to stride naked in front of a lot of clothed strangers. That is an uncomfortable experience! While there is a sexy voyeur and exhibitionist element to being naked on a public beach, this is missing completely when I'm at home in the garden with friends. Then it's pure nudism and the simple pleasures of being naked outdoors.

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14 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Fabulous! I love your thinking!

I gotta agree.

i love to be naked out doors in my back yard of if i go to a quiet park

Nothing like being naked in your freedom!!!

Nothing like being naked in your freedom!!!

I must agree. While I amnormally nude inside, nothing beats being nude outside. It is so grounding to be walking nude in the woods, or gardening while the sun warms the whole body. Now you have me anxious for spring

Eventhough I am nude in the house a lot, love to be nude outside. I love the feeling of the sun and air on my body. A beautiful setting like a forest feels great to be nude.

Ditto to all the comments made here. I'm waiting for spring when I can bet outdoors in my back yard. The year I retired, I began visiting some nudist resorts around the country. I played nude tennis in Florida, swam naked in Oklahoma, and suntanned naked on the lakeshore in Kansas. Each was a wonderful, unique experience. <br />
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Doing things without clothes has become a way of life for me. Until it's warm enough, I spend my days indoors nude. Cooking, eating, working, lounging, reading, and so many other things. Once I painted the back of the house nude. Quite a feeling standing on top of a ladder with a brush in hand, I felt like my tush and my package were on royal display! <br />
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Continually living and working in the nude has become such a way of life. I tried to sleep with briefs and a tee shirt last night. The cold was just a little too much. I slipped into bed and immediately found the total discomfort of the clothes. The briefs were too snug, the tee shirt twisted around my body, everything distracted from my sleep. So, I resorted to the next best thing, another blanket on top of me. After stripping down and crawling back into bed, it was no time before I began to get warm. Of course, the gf's body naked next to me helped get me warm quickly, too! Clothes are a necessity only for protection and warmth, but the additional blanket can make nude sleeping possible during the winter. Spring, where are you?

My neighbors on either side can see me clearly from their second floor windows, whether I'm up on my deck or on my roof or down in my backyard gardening or mowing or swimming or exercising or showering or laying out reading & tanning next to the pool. But that doesn't stop me from going nude!

Nude is perfect in all occasions, weather permitting!

Good post. Nude can be either exhibitionistic or just comfortable, depending on the setting and your attitude.

There is something natural about being naked, and also in having pleasure to enjoy the view of naked people

Ditto to what downunder69 said!

Nothing like being naked outdoors, feeling the sun on your skin, or the cool breeze blowing past. That's the way nature intended, pity there's not more opportunities to be naked outdoors.