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I love the outdoors. I love the woods and nature, and I really love to be naked out there. I have hiked secluded trails naked, I have been lounging and swimming at a local river naked, I have been to a friend's house and enjoyed their yard, I have been to a nudist resort. I wish that our yard and property was private enough to enjoy naked....but it has no privacy at all which is a shame, so our nudism is limited to inside the house when at home. It would be so nice to be able to go out and sit on our porch in the evening, to do yard work, to wash our cars, whatever we want to do, and not have to wear a stitch of clothing if we dont want to. I love to be naked outdoors....I just wish we didnt have to always go someplace else to do it.

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Sometimes you just have to be a bit creative and industrious. While an apartment could be a challenge, there are solutions with a house, regardless of how surrounded it is. Both of the last tow places where I lived were in town, with neighbors and no fences (or hedges for that matter. <br />
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At the first, I built a deck on the back of the house and grew grapes on the rails (the vines were established so they grew pretty fast. Soon I had a cozy 'nest' where I could at least enjoy the sun and fresh air. <br />
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At my second place I built a patio next to the house and placed a fence just around it- with lattice at the top. It made a great 'wind screen', turned the patio into an outside room (which we invited the neighbors over to enjoy for parties-even had a fire pit) and, was a great place for the hot tub, sunning and container gardening naked.<br />
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I still enjoyed going to the real 'outside' but I got in a lot more naked time...

There's a park near where I live. The trails are very accessible through the woods. I can wear sandals and a summer dress and enjoy my time of communing with nature. Oh, and there's a botanical garden in the park with plenty of secluded areas.

That is so true jr.....unfortunately for us its stay indoors because we have to go out of our way to reach any place suitable, and we usually dont have the time or the money for travel. Hopefully this weekend and next (weather permitting), we will be able to go out to a remote spot and enjoy spring as nature would have intended. I like the spring to be nude out doors....not too hot, not too cold, and the bugs arent out as thick yet.

I am in full agreement! Until our society becomes more relaxed about nudity, we'll just have to make the most of the places where nudity is legal!

marblejedi....I was in your situation about 7-8 years ago. I could only be naked indoors and had to go out into the country (usually farther than anyone else would) to be naked outside. So Im with you.<br />
mrdusty.....I have neighbors on three sides and several across the street, so I know what youre saying. I have gone out on my porch a couple of occasions, but at about 3-4 in the morning when evryone else on the block was asleep.<br />
hadakarei.....I wish we had friends like you here. It would be fun to have someone to share being nude with right where we live.

I feel for you, man. I live in an apartment, so other than in my own house, if I want to be naked, I have to go out in the country to do it.

Too bad for you. However, if you ever come visit you are more than welcome to come sit on my porch naked. I don't mind a bit.

So true, I am in a similar situation and share your feelings exactly. We have houses on either side of us but none across the street, we built a new front deck last fall and I intend to enjoy it naked this summer at night but I also wish I did not have to get dressed to get the mail, do yard work, etc.