Love To Be Nude Outside

I love to be naked outside, it's the most natural thing to do.  Most of the time I can go to a nearby natural area, with a lot of wooded land and very rarely used.  As soon as I get past the entrance gate I know it's safe and so I take all my clothes off and keep them in a small back pack.  Then, l can hike on the trail which is about a mile or two, or there is even a river to splash in.  It's too shallow to swim in, which is good, since there is no boat or canoe traffic.  I find l can even lay in the sun for a few hours here if l wanted to.  Sometimes I go to some of our land and just ***** and wave my **** in the sunshine.  It feels so good to have the sun on it that l do sometimes ********** and my *** drops right on the grass.  Other times, l just go outside at night totally naked just to pee, even in winter.  It's one of those must have experiences.

leakeyrodent leakeyrodent
31-35, M
Feb 20, 2010