Naked On The Beach.

I spend my summer weekends boating naked and go to a beach most of the time.  The beach is not a designated nude beach, but has a long history of being used by nudists, but also is patrolled  by the local water patrol and people have been ticketed for being naked.  I have been going to this beach for the last 30 years and have rarely worn any clothes.  The beach is popular with boaters because the water is shallow for a long way out from the beach and the beach is long with great sand.  On a typical weekend they can be anywhere from a couple of large boats to maybe 20 large cruisers anchored off shore, all along the beach.  There are rarely any other nudist on the boats that anchor off the beach.  They are usually tying up with each other and staying on the boats.  Sometimes there are kids on the boats.  The beach will also fill up with smaller boats in various parts of the beach.  Again, rarely are there any nudists.  As I said, I am naked all the time I am on the beach.  Many times, on the boats anchored, they will have binoculars and watch me.  Also people will walk the length of the beach.  If I see that kids are coming towards me I will put on a pair of shorts, but if it is just adults, I stay naked. 

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41-45, M
Feb 6, 2010