Had some free tome today (8/31/14) so drove up to Lake Castaic for a nude hike.

I have been hiking here for many years. Most times there are no other cars at the trail head so I can start out nude from the car. Over the years there have been a few times when there have been other cars there and at those times I will start out in shorts and after passing whoever else is in the area will remove my shorts and continue nude.

Today there were two other vehicles parked at the trail head. That meant if I was going to hike I had to start out in shorts. I had been looking forward to a nude hike and after about 100 yards into the hike suddenly decided that even though I knew there where others on the trail I was going to hike nude. I figured that if the need arose I could slip on my shorts if necessary. I stepped out of the shorts, tucked them into the strap of my cooler and continued on nude.

It was about 15 minuets into my hike when I met the first person hiking out. He seemed a little bothered by my nudity, moving to the far side of the trail and stopping until I passed. Folding my shorts in half I held them in front of me with one hand as I walked past him. I told him that I was more comfortable nude and hoped he was not offended. I also asked him how many others were on the trail ahead and did he think they would be bothered by my nudity. He said there were two others and he did not know how they would feel. I felt it would be best if I kept the shorts in front of me but I was not going to put them on. A minute later I passed the other two hikers and again told them that I was more comfortable hiking nude and hoped they did not mind. They both responded with just a nod, but then the last guy said it was fine with him.

Continuing on I met the second group of hikers about five minuets later.. They were four men of varying ages that had managed to climb down to the lake for some fishing. Again I held the shorts in front of me as we got closer to each other. There response to my statement of being comfortable hiking nude and hoping they were not offended was just a smile and a nod except for the older man at the end of the line who said that he had no problem with me hiking nude.

Since there were two cars parked at the trail head, I figured that this was everyone and I put the shorts into my cooler pack. About ten minuets later as I approached the fork in the trail that leads towards the lake, I see a man standing there looking towards the lake. After the neutral to positive reactions earlier this time I wanted to see what would happen if I just stayed completely nude. As I got closer I made a noise causing him to turn around. He was obviously startled but as before I said I was more comfortable nude and hoped he was not offended. He said that's OK. As I walked past him down the trail towards the lake the two guys he was waiting for came up the trail. I asked how was the fishing. The lead guy kept his eyes averted and did not respond but the other one sort of laughed and said the fishing had been good.

All told there were ten guys that saw me nude today in an area that is not known for nudity. This is the most people I have ever come across during one hike since they fixed the gate at the trail head years ago.

Even though most of the reactions were neutral, at least no one was bothered or upset by seeing me nude.
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That's a good experience. Every person who sees you naked has a positive experience of accepting human beings. I've gotten so I don't try to cover up and just say "Howdy" as normal without mentioning nudity at all. Most people just exchange greetings and nothing is said about my choice of non-clothes. Sometimes they make positive comments about how comfortable it would be if they were brave enough to go naked. Carpe Diem!