Nice Warm Nude Weekend

Had a great weekend here with temps near 90 degrees.

Other than going to the grocery store on Saturday morning I enjoyed the entire weekend nude.  Hate to think of dressing for work in the morning.

My in-laws were here for a cookout on Sunday and I decided to stay nude.  Although they have seen me without clothes many times before I usually would grab a towel or robe when they were here.  It was just such a nice day and I felt so good being nude I didn't want to dress.  I know hubby's dad never minded me being naked, he actually enjoys it, and his mom has learned to accept it so thats cool. 

I was the only one completely naked, my stepson and his girlfriend were here and she did go topless with a thong bottom, so almost nude!

Well it was a fun day and an enjoyable weekend.  Love the warm weather!
tracilee28 tracilee28
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Wonderful story!! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Naked Sissy Stephie

sounds like you had great weekend
an that is how it should be people over they can go naked ropless or thong bottoms no one is forced to be naked if they dont want but they are free to be naked

I dream of being nude with you.

Oh wow, youre braver than I I have had nude weekends before where my girlfriend simply hid my clothes and made me stay nude. We had a great time in the backyard in the sun and just enjoyed being home. She does not get naked for anything so I am the only one that is. I absolutely love being nude its so free and natural to me. If I had my choice Id stay nude all the time unless I left the house of Good for you though and good for your in=laws to accept your nudity.

being nude with you would be fun

It's so great to be the only one nude, you get all the attention and people admire you. It's also an exciting feeling to show your body and sex organs to anyone. We like it very much!

I would love to be nude with you

I'm about 5 hours into a two day nude fest. No clothes until my family returns from out of town late tomorrow night. Were you apprehensive the first time your family saw you nude?

I was a bit at first. Wasn't sure of their reaction. They were suprised the first time seeing me but I just acted natural and didn't run for cover.

sounds like a nice weekend.

I love the warm weather too! I guess Barb my friend from next door started out in loving to be nude like you did. She was never nude with others before joing a few of us one afternoon in the back yard. Once she was naked with us a few hours, she loved it so much she is now nude as often as possible. She is over here a lot because it is perfectly normal and acceptable. <br />
<br />
glad you enjoy the clothes free life too!


Fantastic relationship you've got with the in-laws. How aware of your nudity were they before the wedding? Has your nudity ever been a problem and they learned to accept you as is or have they always accepted you?

I started going nude more often after we were married. I have always had a good relationship with my in-laws. At first I would dress when they visited then I just decided to go nude and it really wasn't a problem. My father in-law never minded that I was nude but did take some time for mother in-law to be comfortable with it. Everything is cool now.

You are so lucky to have the weather to be nude outside,

Hi Tracilee,<br />
<br />
I am soooo glad for you! You have a great family! I'll bet the girlfriend will be joining you soon in the nude lifestyle. Once she feels the rush of the good tingles, and realizes no one is disapproving, she will shed that thong thing for good!<br />
<br />
Nudigirl xx

did the girlfriend come around again? did she finally get naked too?

She is here quite often. And she does go totally naked now and enjoys it!

Wow! That is wonderful news! I love the nude lifestyle so much and I try to get others comfortable with my nudity and invite them to join me. Most who take me up on it get hooked and join the nudie group for good!

In the past several months Henry, next door, and Barb have joined in, Linda the mail carrier comes by frequently to share a nude lunch break with us, and there is Penny, another girl from down the road who now joins the nude bunch of us by hopping out of her clothes at the door when visiting here. Which is almost daily lately. She and her mom and two other sisters where here at a clothing optional BBQ a while back. Penny is now a home nudist, and we are working on the sisters and mom too.

Glad you now have another member of your circle who has found out how nice it feels to be nude and will join with you in the marvelous freedom of nude living!

Thanks for sharing your nude news! Love, Nudigirl xxx ooo

Actually Tim, I have a few times!

You make me happy that you made the cookout with your family so naturally beautiful. I love that you can create such a wonderful family gathering.

Please suggest me few ideas So that I can convince my wife to be nude for the whole day.