Nude... What a Concept!

I love being nude. I sleep nude and I love to run around the house nude. Clothes are so confining. During the summer, after I go swimming, I love to come back to the house and hang out in the nude. I don't have a great body, it's a little too fluffy, if you know what I mean, but my husband says it makes him feel good that I trust him enough to be naked in front of him. I have never had a problem with nudity. Animals don't feel the need to hide themselves so why do we! I know we need to keep warm but the rest of the time? Wouldn't it be a hoot to see everyone going to work nude?  BaHahahahha!!

Artisina Artisina
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10 Responses Mar 13, 2008

There is no such thing as too fluffy... Nude is natural, and we all should enjoy that.. "Fluffy" is very sexy after all. It lets people know your not superficial and stuffy.. I'm one of many that would rather see curves than not

If you are ok to go nude, then you have a great body!

you and your hubby must be really happy together, and THAT is truly great!!!

I love being nude as often as I can ,I particularly like doing the house work nude,it's up to others if they look.

For a couple of years I was self-employed, fixing cars in my garage at home. I worked naked many times, and I can tell you, if you gotta work... naked is the way to do it. No dirty laundry, just go straight to the shower. Unfortunatly, I was forced to return to the real working world... bummer :(

Going to work nude... Being nude whenever cloting is not need to protect the body from the elements? Sounds perfect. Where do I go to sign up?

Sounds eutopian, never to wear clothes, even for work. You know, it would resolve the problem of sexual harrasment at work. No one will be guessing what you look like without your clothes (as if we don't already know).<br />
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But seriously, it is freeing to be nude, especially now that it is spring.

You go girl! I feel the same way about winter. I do love my flannel sheets against my nude body though! HeHe.

I completly agree. my husband thanks I'm weird, but I love being nude.

I work with glass...sounds a bit ....uhhh....dangerous