Naked Lunch And Other Activities

now that im retired i spend countless hours naked. after years of suits and ties my wardrobe now consists of.......nothing. of course there are times when i must dress but believe me when im home im nude. right now im on my patio sans clothes and enjoyong some post luncheon is good......
hegal7722 hegal7722
66-70, M
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Great for you. I am also retired and often go naked in my home and in our front yard. I have made a fence around the yard out of shrubs. Some places are not very thick, so I get excited when people walk by.sometimes my wife and I will enjoy a cup of coffee while we are naked in the front yard.

only in the afternoons

Well done Hegal. It must be great to live somewhere where you can be nude outside in December