Dangers Of A Hairy Body

Let's face it...we're all primates.

And as primates, we face certain factors that we all share. For instance, we all have mammary glands...breasts. We're essentially symmetrical, meaning left and right halves are mirror images. And we all have fur...that is, hairy bodies.

Now, normally, hairy bodies is not a bad thing...in fact, entire industries have grown up around the grooming and care of our hair, whether it's our scalp hair, our leg hair, arm pit hair, or beards. And recently, a new entry...pubic hair grooming, that includes everything from trimming, to shaving, waxing to shaping.

And many people try to eliminate their excess hair, despite what their hormones are urging their body to do otherwise.

But hair we have, and hair we must deal with.

About twenty years ago, we moved to this college town and found the local student population was well acquainted with some old swimming holes. The left over days of the hippy culture left a legacy of these nude sunbathing and swimming locations for the latest generation to re-discover and use year after year.

In one particular pond, there are blue gil and small fish that have either been transplanted or occurred some other way. The reservoir was originally a dammed up stream and flooded a small valley or hollow. This reservoir served as a water supply for the local coal mining operation and the railroad that ran through the valley. Res. 29 still exists today, thanks to a small concrete dam that remains in place. It's about a quarter mile walk up the valley at the end of a dead end, so you need to want to find it to stumble upon it.

And many students pass the word about this location, even though it is written up in the World Guide to Nude Beaches. The students report to the lake/pond/res 29 each spring and frequent it during the early part of the summer. They ***** off their clothes and swim nude, playing on the dock, the grassy area near the dam, and on a wood and Styrofoam float that they built and remains in the water year round.

But the point of this remembrance is that when swimming nude, your chest, leg, arm and pubic hair all float free. That is, they absorb water, become darker, and float along side of your skin. This allows you to feel currents, movement and let's you know where your limbs are when hanging onto the side of the dock, float or treading water.

The problem comes when you stop moving and the hungry little sunfish or blue gils decide that your fine little hairs look an awful lot like food to them. It's not unusual to hear a co-ed  yelp, or a guy  jump while floating in the water. The fish have been known to be aggressive, and take a small tuck at your hair...producing some mighty funny places to be nipped. Legs, arms, crotch, scrotum... the list goes on and on.

Of course, the solution is to keep moving, or not to swim in the water at all. (I'm not suggesting that these are piranha fish... Just hungry little sunfish who attempt to take a bite at your expense. No one has been injured to my knowledge.)

But recently, I've discovered another place where we frequently have hair, and may not realize it. Over the last year or so, I have gone on testosterone replacement therapy. (you know, Low T, as the TV ads call it)... and as a result, I've noticed a renewal in my secondary sex characteristics...that is, hair growth. My leg hair is longer, darker, and thicker. My arms are a bit hairier, and there's a wisp or two of hair surrounding my nipples.

Not that I've ever had a lot of chest hair...it just doesn't run in our family for some reason...however, it does show up as a few stray hairs around the aerola. I usually just ignore it. But it's there, and slightly more prominent now.

But last week I went to a water volleyball evening in the community pool that we rent. And for about two hours, the men play a spirited and friendly game of water volleyball. We all get some exercise and socialize, and after our workout, we retire to a local pizzeria and share a light meal. This happens about twice a month, on Saturday nights.

But, what I haven't told you is that we all play in the nude. Not that it matters much. We've rented the pool, closed it down for the night, and blackened out the windows and doors with a black plastic tarp. No one bothers us, and we bother no one else. But we do swim and socialize in the nude.

So over the last year, though I don't get to go to the swim very regularly due to distances and tight finances that impacts recreation, gas and transportation...I occasionally show up. We have a good time.

But I have noticed that I have some more hair. It seems to be growing in a place that I have never checked before, but have become acutely aware of this last year. In fact, that sense that something is disturbing the hair has led me to discretely check more than once to make certain that I don't have a stitch of  clothing, thread or paper towel left stuck in my hair.

I'm talking about that slight wisp of hair that surrounds the anus. That's right, some of us have hairy ********. And I may have had one for years, but never had the additional hair-growth that allows it to float in the water current and tickle me. So I've become acutely aware of it during our volleyball games.

Usually, if I'm playing on the side in the shallow end, I'll drop down, knees bent and spread, and bounce a few times under the water to keep warm and shoulders covered. But that telltale feeling of something brushing my *** makes me self-conscious.

Now, I know what you're thinking:  and no, noone is coping a feel, or tickling me with their toes when I'm not looking. But the mind keeps turning back to those days in the pond, when the fish come around looking for a nibble. And that makes me keep moving all the time, even though we're in an indoor heated pool now.

Memory is a strange thing.
I connect these two thoughts when some slight current disturbs my newly regrown light hair fuzz.

I wonder if I'm going to have to start shaving my *******?
Now there's a scary thought!
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

When I shave my pubic hair, I also shave my perineum and around my anus. I hate getting toilet paper stuck to and pulling my anus hairs. I use a Norelco BodyGroom shaver, which is made specifically for men's shaving needs. It is no big deal shaving around my anus...takes less than 30 seconds.

We were playing drunken table tennis football. One of the guys dropped his kegs and bared his arse. It was horrible. I've never seen so much hair. A heavily wooded valley between two pink spheres. Uggh! I'm gay, but, man, that was revoulting.

My friend, this is a very interesting story, and also very true, and thank you for sharing it with all of us!!!! :)